Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Advantage Mattress Review

by Selma L.

This is A Body Hugging Mattress From Heaven! I am the very satisfied and well rested owner of a twin sized, Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Advantage Pillow Top mattress. I bought it about a month ago and absolutely love it. There was only one other mattress in the store that I liked equally and that was the temperpedic one.

I chose the Sleeping Beauty because I originally wanted a pillow top and I knew that I wouldn't regret it. It also fit my sleeping style and body which the salesman helped determine. It's almost like getting a hug every time you lay down to rest because it cradles your body all the while giving you great back support.

I think that the support is best in the lumbar area which is fantastic because I'm a back sleeper. I feel such a difference from sleeping on this than I did on my old coil-spring mattress. With my old mattress I would almost always wake up sore and still tired from the night before.

I have issues with sciatica (a pinched nerve in my back), but after sleeping on my Sleeping Beauty mattress I notice the pain less when I go to get up. The firmness of the mattress is just right for me, and like I mentioned before, it gives you that feeling of being hugged when you sleep.

A friend of mine isn't as big of a fan of the softness, but it's a pillow top mattress, so what do you expect? There are just two things that I'm not too keen on with this mattress. It's really difficult to find sheets that fit it, and the cost was pretty high, which after I bought it went down significantly from around $2,000 to almost $500 less.

I'd definitely say that the mattress is worth most of the cost though. It's the best thing I've ever slept in, and ten out of ten I would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury sleeping experience who likes softness but also needs support.

Overall, I would undoubtedly purchase this mattress again, but in a bigger size because I just got engaged and there's no way I'm giving this mattress up! We can buy a second twin bed in this model and just put them together!

Fair warning though, if you don't want to fall into a coma of absolute sleep perfection, then don't buy this mattress! This mattress is like sleeping on a magical, hugging, lamb made of pillows and love and if you can't handle that, then please be directed to another, less amazing mattress. I'd give this mattress 5/5 stars for comfort, 5/5 for quality, and 3/5 for cost!

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Jul 29, 2015
Kingsdown Advantage Already Saggy
by: Diane

Purchased August 3, 2014 and already saggy in middle and hump that runs straight up and down in the middle of the mattress. If you try and move over, out of the "mushy" part of the middle where your hips sag; you either have to go on the very edge of the mattress or sleep on the side of the hump where you feel your going to slide off and roll over.
Middle range, four figures for this mattress!
Kingsdown, you should be ashamed for manufacturing this!
Sleepy's is sendiing us a "paper" to lay over the mattress! This is what they call a "mattress professional!" Isn't that wonderful!

May 07, 2016
Don't waste your $
by: SR

After extensive research I purchased the Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Advantage Kristen Luxury King Mattress and Box springs 18 months ago. It is one of my biggest purchase regrets, ever.

It will feel great in the showroom. The salesperson will tell you it is absolutely one of the best bed sets out there. During the first two weeks, I determined the bed was far to soft and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I had to leave on business travel and missed my hassle free return period.

The bed is entirely too soft for most adults. Mine developed buckles, folds and gullies within a month of continuous nightly use. Unless my partner and I sleep on opposite edges, we roll and sink into the center. I am a 5'9", 156 lb. female. He is 6'1" and 225 lbs. Neither one of us are considered overweight.

After 18 months and spending $3,500+/- on this unfortunate purchase; I am preparing to carry to the curb for large trash pick up and buy another bed set.

Save your money! Do a bit more research and do not let a mattress sales person tell you this is a great buy or an investment in a good nights sleep.

Dec 04, 2017
Like Sleeping On A Cloud
by: Kim K.

I have the Kingsdown sleeping beauty traditional. It is like sleeping on a cloud...I wouldn't sleep on anything else...

May 25, 2018
Kingsdown - don't waste your money
by: Kiko

After spending $3000 on a Kingsdown kingsize mattress, it felt comfortable for a few months. After less than a year, started sagging, and totally lost all support on one side. These mattresses are a horrible waste of money, don't bother. The manufacturer will not honor our warranty, because the mattress is not on an approved platform. The bed we purchased to support this mattress was recommended by their main distributor, Sleepy's, with no mention of warranty issues. We will never again buy a product from Kingsdown, very much regret this purchase.

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Sleeping Beauty Advantage Gets 5 Stars From Me

I purchased the Kingsdown sleeping beauty advantage pillow top mattress three months ago and I couldn't be more impressed with my purchase. The mattress is a twin size, and is perfect for my bedroom. It fits well and was lightweight and easy to move.

This mattress has been great to own and has really helped me with my back, neck and shoulder problems that I frequently suffered from prior to purchasing this mattress. I use to wake up in the morning feeling still tired, and having many aches and painful muscles, but once I started sleeping on my Kingsdown mattress all of that stopped. I feel so much better in the morning and it has really given me back youth, much beauty rest.

Previously I owned a Tempurpedic mattress but I found much difficulty trying to get comfortable on it and ultimately ended up returning it to buy my Kingsdown mattress. The Sleeping Beauty mattress has been incredible! Not only do I wake up feeling more refreshed and with less pain and aches, but I can also really tell that my quality of sleep has been much better.

Since owning this mattress I don't toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable, but rather enjoy a still, tranquil, sleep. I would highly recommend this mattress to a friend or family member who is looking to get a better quality sleep. It is so important that our quality of sleep is good, so that in turn we feel awesome and rested all day, and I really feel like this mattress has allowed me to do that.

The Kingsdown mattress is soft, comfortable and easy to melt into. After a long, hard day of work, there is nothing I look forward to more than laying my head down on this awesome mattress! I give this product 5 stars and a great review! I'm truly satisfied and happy with the product and assure you that it will provide you with a great beauty rest, as it has for me!

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Kingsdown Advantage pillow top mattress has pros and cons

by Shannon K.
(Oklahoma City, OK)

There are some pros and cons to the mattress. I'll start with the pros first. First, it is very comfortable, it provides just the right amount of support without feeling like a rock. I need a lot of support because I was in a car accident years ago, so my back gets very sore easily. So far this mattress leaves my back feeling good every morning.

I've bought this mattress 7 months ago, and so far I have been pretty happy with my purchase. The one con that I have to say is the cost. I got mine for a little over $3,000 which is pretty steep for mattress these days. But you get what you pay for I say, it's holding up very well,. There is no sagging in the middle like I've had with other cheaper pillow top mattresses in the past, those only lasted about a year before they started changing shape.

So far, the Kngsdown has exceeded my expectations so I think it's well worth the higher price. I would give it 5 stars just for the comfort and support alone. I believe I would stick with the brand once I need to replace my mattress, as long as it continues to hold up as well as it has so far. I believe your supposed to replace your mattress every 5 years, so I will have to see. So, overall the Kingsdown has been a purchase that was well worth the money, and I am very happy with it.

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Kingsdown Premier Finsbury

by GSM
(North Bay, Ontario.)

This is our 2nd Kingsdown mattress and neither one has been comfortable. The sleeping area inside the foam sidewalls gradually sinks leaving a permanent pocket. Keep waking up and sore back and side results. The first mattress was inspected by a company rep and it was agreed that we were to get a new one. The 2nd more costly mattress has not lived up to expectations either. The small store specializing in mattresses in North Bay has been very good in working with us to resolve these issues. I think our next mattress with be of a more traditional pocket coil mattress.......we had the last one 20 years and it still worked....a good nights sleep and no soreness.

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Love Sleeping On My Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Crown Collection Tutor Orthopedic Mattress

by Angel

Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Crown Collection mattress tag

Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Crown Collection mattress tag

I love sleeping on my Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Crown Collection Tutor Orthopedic since purchased in 1996! That's 21 years of blissful rest. I am a side sleeper and it has supported me so comfortably. I totally recommend it as the best mattress I ever purchased.

In addition to sleep I have spent countless hours resting on my back reclining on it while reading, surfing the web on my iPad or watching my favorite shows or movies. I have turned the mattress at least every year and it has consistent edge support also. The cover material is stain resistant so it maintains its like new appearance to this day.

I don't recall what the recommended time frame was for replacement I guess I could check. I purchased it at Sleepys. I don't see any other reviews for this mattress so the impression I get is that everyone who chose this model also loves it and wasn't surfing the web for a different mattress or looking to complain about it.

Very encouraging for me as I only found this site when I entered "Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Queen Collection Tutor Orthopedic" to buy another one as my new room is too small for my king size mattress. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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