Kluft Prelude Mattress Review

by Maria S.
(New York)

I currently own the Kluft Prelude mattress sold at Bloomingdales. I’ve had it for a year and a half and I still love it. It feels very soft and supple, yet at the same time it supports my back and body like a much firmer mattress.

For me it’s more comfortable than a firm mattress which I think some people get for more support, but support actually depends more on the innerspring than the cover, so you can have a firm mattress that doesn’t support you or a soft one that does.

The Kluft bed is a perfect example of a softer mattress with great support. I also love how it almost hugs me when I lie down on it after a hard day of triathlon training. Another important factor for me is that it’s made in the United States, and not outsourced to Asia. I do prefer to pay a bit more to get American quality.

I haven’t had a single problem with it, except not wanting to get off of it in the morning. The only thing I would note for someone looking to buy one though is that it’s a single sided mattress, so you can’t flip it to even out wear, so you have to rotate it every 6 months.

It’s an expensive mattress and I bought it at Bloomingdales on a massive sale so I only paid around $1000 dollars for it instead of its usual MSRP of around $7000 for a queen. They do however go on sale fairly often so no one should have to buy it at full price if the timing isn’t urgent.

For me it’s definitely worth what I paid for it, and I’d probably pay a bit more for it if I couldn’t get it at this price knowing how great it would be. I wouldn’t pay the 7000 dollars because I can’t afford that, but I’d be miserable downgrading to one of the S (Sealy, Serta, Sleepy’s) brand at this point. If I had to buy another mattress right now, I’d either buy this one, or try to find the next version up called the Minuet for a good price. I want another Kluft in the future.

Before having this mattress I owned a Swedish mattress called Swan, which was a great mattress too, but it sunk it a bit too quickly for how much it cost, even though it was very comfortable when it was still providing resistance. I’m hoping that my Kluft will keep its shape a bit longer than 5 years.

In terms of stars I would definitely give this mattress a 5 out of 5 just for the comfort and support level. I feel like I’m more rested on it than on previous mattresses that I’ve owned and when I got on vacation and stay in a hotel, I can feel myself not getting as much rest as at home, and I’m always looking forward to getting back into my own bed.

I would also note that the mattress is really thick, and I can’t think of a bed deep enough to require a box spring for it. On my platform bed it goes up pretty high, and I need to get the deepest sheets in the market for it.

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