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Lady Americana Mattress Review - The Highly Commended Lady Americana Mattress

Lady Americana mattress ratings show that this mattress upholds a high level of opulence and elegance that no other mattress brand can achieve.

Lady Americana mattresses are produced by top brand Lady Americana, which sells both bed foundations and mattresses that are carefully designed to provide a sleep environment optimized for good spinal health and standing posture.

As much as possible, the company encourages consumers to avail of both their foundations and mattresses for best results as all their products have been scientifically proven to provide better sleep experience in controlled studies where Lady American foundations and mattresses were used together.

Aside from simply providing consumers with high quality mattresses, Lady Americana also helps consumers find their best match among the company's entire collection of mattresses.

This is why they have come up with the SLEEP test, a special test designed to help consumers figure out which Lady Americana mattress is best for them.

Lady Americana's SLEEP Test

S - Select a mattress

The first step is to consider your own choices and preferences. What is the size of the mattress you need? If you have a large master's bedroom, you need a larger mattress. If you have a small kid's room, you should get a smaller mattress. Then you have to choose your preferred firmness as well as your desired material for the mattress padding. Lady Americana advises that you first choose several different mattresses that you want to try.

L - Lie down on the mattress

The SLEEP test applies only to when you can personally examine the mattresses. It is not meant for online buying, although primary selection concepts may still apply.

Step L says that you should lie down on the mattress to get a good feel of it. You should lie down on your usual sleeping position. This means that if you're used to sleeping on your stomach, that's the position you have to try when you test your mattress.

If you share a bed with someone, have that person also test the mattress with you. Stay in that position for several minutes to give you body time to adjust and objectively evaluate the feeling of lying on the mattress.

E - Evaluate the comfort and support level of the mattress

With every Lady Americana mattress review, take time to carefully evaluate the comfort and support level of the mattress. Rate the mattresses according to these factors:

  • How you felt when you were lying on the mattress
  • How you felt when you got up

E - Educate yourself

Learn everything there is to know about each mattress you tried. Make sure you know all the unique features that every mattress has. Different Lady Americana mattresses also have different coil counts, construction techniques, lumbar support features, warranty, and other unique offers and features.

P - Partner discussion

Make sure to discuss your choice with your partner before you make your final purchase.

The Best from Lady Americana

These are the best offers and benefits you will get from a Lady Americana mattress:

  • Multi-national reputation spanning the US, Canada, Asia, and Mexico
  • 365-day Rest Assured purchase guarantee
  • State of the art production techniques and technologies
  • Ameri-Guard - 20% additional perimeter support for extended sleep surface

Lady Americana Mattress Collections

1. Bronze collection

Lady Americana's mattresses fall under three different categories, the first of which is the bronze collection. The bronze collection features firm mattresses designed to provide maximum support. The mattresses in this collection uses patented cutting edge technologies such as:

Ameri-Spring unit - This locks in each spring with the spring before it so the whole unit works as one. This system helps to eliminate pressure points, so you don't have to change positions every now and then. Each spring unit is then encased in steel for added durability. This is a unique feature found only in the bronze mattresses.

Visco Lumbar Support - This is a special way the visco foam is used to maximize its comfort and support.

The bronze collection mattresses also come with an additional row of coils to extend the sleeping surface and provide edge protection so you can snuggle in bed with perfect ease and stability.

To top it all off, the mattresses are topped with a fine, natural cashmere cover, which feels comfortable and provides the added benefit of regulating temperature. The entire package is then topped with a 15-year non-pro-rated warranty.

2. Silver collection

The second collection is the silver collection. If the bronze collection focused on support, the silver collection focuses on comfort. Each mattress has a spring unit encased in 70 pound foam that keeps the entire mattress resilient, from edge to edge, despite years of usage. This ensures you have 20% more comfortable sleeping space.

The spring unit plays a major role in how the silver Lady Americana mattresses work. Each unit is individually encased so every inch of the mattress is designed to follow the very specific contours of your body to provide better comfort without compromising support.

The spring unit is then covered with layers combining high quality fiber and foam, all held together by a COOLMAX cover, a unique mattress cover that can wick away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable even on warm nights.

The silver collection of Lady Americana mattress comes with a 25-year warranty.

3. Gold collection

The final is the gold collection of Lady Americana mattresses. The gold mattresses are simply Lady Americana's finest creations. Each mattress is especially handmade by a selected number of distinguished mattress artisans. Each king sized Lady Americana mattress from the gold collection comes with more than 2,300 coils, each of which are individually encased to conform to the body.

Two other things make the gold collection stand out:

Patented Conforma Health Pad - This new technology uses foam of the highest density available. The foam is then convoluted to make sure blood circulates freely throughout your body while you sleep, thus reducing pressure points and needless tossing and turning. This technology also divides the mattress into different zones to provide very specific type of support where it is most needed.

Lifetime warranty - All gold Lady Americana mattresses come with a lifetime warranty, which simply means it's probably the last bed you're ever going to buy.

Different Comfort Types

You can also choose from different comfort types, such as:

  • Super Pillow-Top - uses super soft foam for an ultra plush feel
  • Tight Top - uses 2 inches of HD firm foam for a firmer feel
  • Box Top - uses 1 1/2 inches of visco memory foam for the bronze collection, 3 3/4 inches of super-soft foam with 1 inch hi res poly foam for the silver collection for medium firmness
  • Pillow Top - uses 4 to 5 inches of convoluted foam for a plush feel
  • Euro Top - offers a unique, luxury firm feel
  • Super Box Top - has 2 1/2 inches of visco memory foam for a luxury firm feel; available for the silver collection

The gold collection offers only the box top and the Euro top comfort types.

More Reviews

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Your Lady Americana Reviews

Lady Americana Mattress - Elite King size mattress

by Miss M
(Canada, Eh)

We purchased this mattress 3 years ago after 3 kids, some unfortunate spills, many moves, and flips, it still is a dream!

We purchased this king size mattress for $900 including bed frame & taxes. Unlike other mattresses this one feels as good or even better than the first day that we bought it.

This Lady Americana Elite brand ranges from the $600-$1000 price range, which is made of a durable fabric, with a memory foam/latex pillow top it is washable and quilted.

It is firm but squishy, it is a large mattress so it is sometimes hard to find large sheets. The mattress is a pillow top model with their super foam incased comfort coils the Lady Americana, Elite brand mattress has been great! This a cool mattress compared to others because it has coolmax fabric which wicks away the moisutre from your body.

As a first time purchaser I was skeptical that this mattress would stay as comfortable as it was in the store, but they have surprised me and made me a believer of this great mattress. The other mattresses I have purchased previously, have gone lumpy and hard, they only stayed plush for about a year and then went lumpy. They were not a Lady Americana brand mattress. One I had ripped right down the middle while we were moving.

I would recommend this mattress to anyone who wants a great night sleep, every night. Lady Americana brand mattress's are a fair priced mattress at a great price. I never knew what a good night sleep was, until I slept in my mattress. Every night I look forward to my soft, but firm king sized bed.

Lady Americana Integrity Elite

by Anonymous
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Don't buy this mattress. It will form body impressions quickly that will cause back pain and discomfort. The company is willing to stand behind the product IF you deliver the mattress to their plant in Oklahoma City.

Then they will only repair the mattress which was not good from the start. Thanks so much for your help, Lady Americana! Opt for a better brand. This will keep you from having to deal with the warranty and company. Also, keep in mind that many mattress warranties are not worth the paper they are written on.

How so? You mattress must have a measureable impression (usually two inches) with NO ONE laying in it. Also, it must be free from ANY stains that they can find with a magnifying glass.

In short, if they can find a way not to exchange or replace the product you invested so much in, they will. So, just get a better mattress from the start.

Lady American is just not a good mattress!

by V
(Tacoma, Washington)

I agree with the person that said do not buy this mattress. I have had mine for just two years and within a month one side of the pillow top started to droop. I flipped the mattress around and slept on the other side and it drooped. I then started sleeping in the middle of the queen sized mattress and now it has a dip. My back hurts like crazy at time upon waking.

It took me until now (2012) to figure out it was my mattress. I am getting a name brand mattress delivered today. Please put a little more money into your mattress purchas from the start or your will find your self spending money on yet another replacement. Also, do not believe the hype about the 10 year warranty stuff with any mattress company.

Lady Americana Value Rest 200 (VR200)

by Happy Customer
(Everett, WA)

My daughter was outgrowing her crib so we needed a new twin size bed and a mattress.

After extensive online search of options which were within our budget ($100 originally) we came across a store in our area called Mattress Depot which had two models of mattresses that looked promising.

While driving to the store we visited two other furniture stores and three department stores to check alternatives. Some of the big stores we visited didn't have any mattresses available, and some of the stores were only selling very expensive brand mattresses, something we thought is not necessary for our young daughter.

Most of the options we saw were for one-sided only mattresses for about $100. We visited Sears, K-Mart, Wal-Mart and two other furniture stores before we reached Mattress Depot.
We almost gave up after so much research in one day, before we finally reached our destination. Well - the wait was worth it!

The mattress we intended to buy was actually not what we thought BUT we were shown a great twin-size mattress from Lady Americana Brand, I believe the Model was VR 200.

This was a 2-sided spring mattress, with 375 coils (which is a lot for twin size mattress), 2 year full warranty and prorated for 10 years. The mattress was at least 8-inch thick with lots of foam on both sides - the quality was much better than our own queen size mattress :)

What we ended up doing is give this new thick, firm, nice mattress to our growing son, and using his older mattress for my young daughter.

My son was so happy with his new mattress and so was my daughter with her new bed and (new to her…) mattress. We never regretted going over our initial budget of $100 and spending $139 (after a small holiday discount from the original $149 ;) for this mattress.

We recommend the Lady Americana brand to everyone looking for a mattress for their kids. We will definitely consider the brand for our next mattress as well.

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