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Latex Mattress Reviews
Choosing A Natural Latex Mattress For Sleep Comfort

The many positive latex mattress reviews available can lead us to the best latex mattress on the market. Natural, Talalay and organic latex mattresses are quickly moving to the forefront in the search for sleeping comfort.

While the quest to build a better mousetrap gets the most press coverage, the quest to build the best mattress is much more important to mankind's overall health and happiness.

A good night's sleep is one of the most important things you can get. Take the time to find the right mattress. You might find yourself drifting away from traditional inner spring mattresses and find yourself enjoying a latex bed.

What Is Latex?

When you think of latex, many people think of the disposable gloves in the doctor's office. How they could become foam bedding seems beyond the realm of possibility.

However, latex is both a natural and synthetic material that has a high viscosity once its temperature is raised. This means that it can be molded into many shapes.

Natural latex has been used for hundreds of years. It comes from the sap of rubber trees. Latex began to be produced synthetically during World War II and was made available for civilian use as soon as the war was over.

In fact, the first natural latex mattress was manufactured in the 1950s, and happy customers say that they are still using the same mattresses today.

Two Types Of Latex Mattresses

There are both synthetic and natural latex beds. The jury is still out about which style is better. Some people prefer natural latex mattresses simply because they are made from a natural process and more environmentally friendly. They have also been proven to last for forty or more years of continual use.

Many latex mattresses are made from a dual natural and synthetic core. This decreases the overall cost, always a bonus pointed out in latex mattress reviews.

Manufacturers claim that this blend makes cores even more resilient. However, no definitive testing has yet been done.

Advantages Found In Latex Mattress Reviews

Most people like their latex bed. First of all, latex beds are very good for allergy suffers because they inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

They are also mite free and mostly anti-bacterial. While you will still need to launder your sheets, the mattress itself is a sterile environment.

Natural latex mattresses are also thought to be better for the environment. That is because the rubber tree sap is harvested from living trees that offset the carbon output used to transform the sap into a natural latex mattress.

Universally, the latex mattress reviews are very good. This type of bed is regarded as the most comfortable, with memory foam a close second. Latex has the advantage of being springier than memory foam, it also doesn't have the strong chemical smell that plagues memory foam.

Both types of latex, natural and synthetic, do not collect heat in the way that memory foam mattresses do, so they are cooler and more comfortable to sleep on.

Latex mattresses also provide firm support for the sleeper. Even after years of use they don't lose their shape and this makes it easy to shift position in bed. It also helps the beds feel less hot, a complaint some sleepers have about memory foam beds during the summer.

If you buy a latex mattress at the start of your marriage, you should never need to get another bed. No other type of mattress beats it for longevity.

However, while often less expensive than memory foam, latex mattresses can run into the thousands of dollars for a top of the line model. Inner spring mattresses are generally much lower in price.

Some people don't like the firmness of latex; they should try out different varieties as some are softer than others. Also, in very rare cases someone may discover a latex allergy after sleeping on a natural latex mattress.

However, that shouldn't stop you from purchasing a latex bed as the allergy can only occur from direct skin contact.

Once you decide to buy your synthetic or natural latex mattress, you should scout around to find the best latex mattress style and brand for your sleep needs. Then, once you have an idea of the kind of mattress you want, read latex mattress reviews on the many models available.

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Best Latex Mattress Choices

Dreamfoam Bedding Queen Dreams Latex Mattress

The Queen Dreams Latex Mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding gets rave reviews from people who have slept on one.

This 10 inch mattress is composed of a generous 3 inch layer of Talalay latex foam on top of high-density base foam which results in comforting softness and firm orthopedic support.

The top comfort layer of latex contours to your body's unique shape to provide relief from pressure points.

Each mattress is made to order and customized to your preferred firmness level. As a bonus, it is also dust mite resistant and completely hypoallergenic.

You may not have heard of this brand before, but its owners remarked that the quality of this latex bed is quite comparable to higher priced beds from the major brands. Read My Full Review...

Best Place To Buy

The lowest price for the Queen Dreams Latex Mattress is found at Amazon.com.

Sealy Posturepedic PurEmbrace

Many people claim that you simply cannot do better than the Sealy Posturepedic PurEmbrace mattress. The latex mattress reviews for this model call it the best sleep system ever.

While Sealy is generally known for its Posturepedic line, it has also developed a line of smart latex that combines support with breathability.

This Sealy latex mattress is the best latex mattress if you feel like you get hot when you sleep. Their porous latex is combined with a moisture absorbent top that keeps you cool while you sleep. There are many different models that all employ the same technology with slight different designs and toppers.

OMI OrganicPedic

Another latex mattress brand and model won over a large special segment of the market: the eco-friendly consumers, and this is thanks to the company's philosophy of manufacturing only organic-based products. This latex mattress brand is called the OMI OrganicPedic latex mattresses.

The use of organic materials in a latex mattress is not just an issue of quality and durability. It is an issue of health - your health. Organic latex mattresses help protect you from exposure to toxic chemicals that tend to thrive in today's modern products.

Available at just the right price of $2500 for the queen size bed, the OMI OrganicPedic latex mattress offers great value for your money. Known as the most environmentally sound latex mattresses in the industry, the OMI OrganicPedic uses a chemical-free production process and is handcrafted. The latex mattresses use only 100% natural and organic latex foam.

OMI also makes its latex mattresses individually replaceable per layer, so you can lengthen your mattress life span by replacing only the layers that need replacing. This can help you save money and eliminate the hassle of having to choose and buy a completely new mattress every now and then.

Several consumers and even well-known celebrities have confessed to owning the OMI OrganicPedic latex mattress.
Watch: Latex Mattress Video

Sleep EZ Select Sleep Latex Mattress

The Select Sleep Latex Mattress by Sleep EZ has three different layers of latex firmness to help you sleep better. The top layer is extra firm, followed by a middle layer of medium firmness, and finally a super soft lower layer.

All of these layers are encased in a wool quilted zipper cover that can be removed and washed. This mattress feels softer to many consumers than other latex mattresses, but that may make it the best latex mattress for you.

However, you can choose your own firmness level for each layer. Sleep EZ latex mattresses always score well in latex mattress reviews. Prices for a queen size range from around $1000 up to $2000 for the top of the line model which is 100% natural latex.

Whether you choose synthetic or natural latex mattresses you will soon be getting a good night's sleep on a firm, comfortable bed that is designed to last a lifetime.

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