Mainstays Air Bed with Built-In Pump

by Smitha

The Mainstays air mattress is a good stand-in for a traditional mattress in case you want to provide your guest with something.

It comes in sizes from Twin to Queen. Its about 9" thick. It has a powerful pump with 4D batteries which inflates and deflates quickly.

I bought it back in 2006 and used it as a stand-in for a traditional bed in a dorm room. It lasted me more than two years and was easy to use and a real space-saver.

Its moderately comfortable and may not be advisable for people with back or knee problems because its low on the ground. It can be used with a traditional bed stand to improve its usability.Its a good value for its price, though you may spend money on batteries.

You might want to get one that plugs in to an electrical outlet to save this money. Overall I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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