Mattress Firm Direct Rio Euro Top Review

by Jessica
(Miami, Florida USA)

About three months ago, my mom bought me a new bed from Mattress Firm for my house.

The mattress was a Mattress Firm Direct Rio Euro Top ordered directly from the company store in my area.

This mattress has to be the most uncomfortable bed ever made. The springs poke into your back. I wake up with back pain and a stiff neck regularly, and my boyfriend has taken to sleeping on the couch rather than this mattress.

I had to put a futon on top just to be able to sleep.

The bed is hard, and very springy. The padding does absolutely nothing, and whenever one of us moves, the whole bed moves.

They claim that "The Verticoil coil system offers your body the support it needs to rest peacefully throughout the night." This is not true. It is uncomfortable.

However, the height is 8 inches, so it does make a great bed if you want a platform or to use it one a trundle bed or bunk bed.

However, it is also very inexpensive. Therefore if you need a cheap mattress that ships quick, this is probably good for a start. Payment is easy, and some retailers such as Mattress Firm offer 0% financing for six months which is a definite plus.

I think that the memory foam mattresses are much more comfortable, and you can get them on ebay or from retailers (non-brand name) for less than $800, or you can get a mattress topper for a lot less through ebay.

I can't understand why some companies make such terrible beds, but I guess its what you pay for when you buy a cheap non-name brand mattress. I will never do so again.

Overall, do not waste your money on this bed, instead buy one for a little more so you can get a good nights sleep.

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