My 5 Star Bed Mattress Review - Serta Brand Perfect Sleeper Model

by Dustin C.
(Kingsport Tn)

My Bed Mattress: I have a Serta brand mattress its a Perfect Sleeper model. I bought the mattress at Grand Home Furnishing Furniture store I have had it for about a year now. I paid 1449.00 plus tax for the mattress that is a lot of money for just a mattress but I have back pain and it was well worth it I do not wake up at nite with it hurting any more.

So I would fore sure buy the same mattress again with out question since it helps me with the back pain. It is very comfortable its just the right amount of firmness but still soft and comfortable. I like the fact that even after a year it has no sag in the mattress at all.

The only thing I can say bad about this mattress is the fact that it cost so much I know its worth the price but its still hard to pay that much money for a mattress. The mattress is great if you have a partner that does not sleep all nite and moves around a lot because it does great not bothering the other person that is sleeping.

When we bought the mattress they told us that this model of Serta mattress is the official mattress of the National sleep foundation. That helped sell me on the mattress because like I said I have back pain and had to have a mattress that supports your back and neck when you lay on it and this mattress is great at it.

I would recommend this mattress to anyone out there that has ruff nites of sleep and needs pain relief because lack of sleep affects your whole life.

My girlfriend works shift work sometimes and she has to have great sleep to be able to make it back in to work. I said earlier on that it does not bother your partner when they get up and she loves that because she will have just fell asleep when I have to get up for work.

So if you are looking for a great mattress that can give you great support then go with a Serta Perfect Sleep mattress the best mattress for the money. Also my wife loves the lace pattern on the edges. I would have to give this mattress five stars without question.

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