My Big Cozy Cloud: Simmons Deep Sleep Comfort Top Mattress

by Anna
(Moncton, NB)

The mattress I have is a Simmons Deep Sleep Comfort top. It is a queen mattress and is large enough for two people to fit comfortably. It is bowling ball tested of course, like all Simmons mattresses meaning you wont feel your partner move.

I paid a total of $1088 including taxes and had it put on a 12 month payment plan interest free which made this mattress very cost effective! I bought it at Simmons Mattress and used financing through Visa Desjardins. I find this mattress to be very comfortable.

The comfort top pillow is really cozy and sometimes its hard to get up in the morning because of it! Its made of a memory foam layer that is about 5 inches thick. I can compare it to being on a big cozy cloud. The mattress is still firm despite its comfort top.

I really love the wool material that the comfort top is made from. I find the wool material helps my sheets stay on throughout the night and not slide around like most mattresses. I still suggest buying some fitted sheet attachments to keep the sheets on and make sure you have deep fitted sheets for this one because the mattress itself is 9 inches thick.

The top cover also has a nice feature called simguard and it is to prevent stains. The mattress is also great for all green lifestyle enthusiasts, it is made from soy foam instead of man made materials! This also means the product is more biodegradable.

The box spring came with my set, and is very strong and durable. It comes in once piece but is still quite light and easy to move. It has what is called powerfirm technology and is said to be stronger and sturdier than most box springs.

I would rate this mattress a four out of five as its one of the best I've ever slept on! The only thing I found was that the mattress itself is quite heavy, but that is to be expected, but it does not have handles to help with moving it. I also found that the mattress was hard to bend going up my stairwell. It seemed like quite a task to get it in my room!

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