My Intex Prestige Downy Twin Air Bed Review

by Mike D.
(Lakewood, CA USA)

Hard Rubber Mats

Hard Rubber Mats

Hard Rubber Mats
Intex Bed 1
Intext Bed 1/2 off Photo
Intex Bed With Pump Hack

Technically homeless, I've been staying at my brother's insurance office where I was sleeping on not so nice rubber camping mats (see attached picture).

While better than sleeping on the floor, they left much room for improvement.

Enter the Intex Prestige Downy Bed (With Hand-Held Battery Pump)(see picture).

While out to Big 5 Sporting Goods with a friend who was shopping for some ammunition, I chanced upon a large display of inflatable beds.

And there it was: a twin size inflatable bed WITH a pump for just $19.99 (down from $39.99, see picture).

Even as poor as I was (and still am, by god!) I knew I could gamble $20.00 for the amount of return I would get if it turned out to be any good.

Well, it's been over a month now and the bed is still holding out fine.

However, the batteries have gotten to be too expensive so as you can see from the last photo I've hacked the pump to work off of an outside DC power source. Fills the thing much faster as well.

While I would buy this bed again, I would suggest to anyone else considering one that they find some way to power the pump without having to replace batteries all the time.

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