My King Koil Mattress - Spine Support

by Justin Beck

For the past two months I have had such a hard time sleeping, until last night. This was my first night of sleep on my new mattress that I bought. I purchased a King Koil Spine Support mattress. I purchased a king size mattress for me and my wife.

I paid a little over $400 at a local home furniture store in my area. I have never heard of the brand King Koil before, but let me tell you I am 100% satisfied with my purchase.

I did a little research of my own and found out that the company has been around since 1898. While I was shopping around I got to lay on and test numerous mattresses and the King Koil mattress is up there with some of the $1000 mattresses that I layed on.

They have a high level of craftsmanship and high quality materials, which is exactly what the King Koil Spine Support mattress provides. This is the model that I purchased.

I am a construction worker and I have had back problems for numerous years. Now when I go home I can't wait to lay on my new mattress. I am not going to say that this mattress solved and cured my back problems, but is sure is making a big difference.

There were times that when I woke up I couldn't even get out of bed. But thanks to my King Coil I wake up everyday feeling no pain. Also I feel energized and it really helps me start the day off to a good start.

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Apr 05, 2011
Don't buy a King Koil
by: Anonymous

We purchased a King Koil Comfort solution sleep set in January of 2010 $ 1799.99. Within a year this mattress has broken down to the point that my husband and I are rolling together.

We now have to sleep with a pillow between us. We are of average weight. I called for warranty support , had a tech come out and was told not until this mattress is broken down to 1 and a half inches can we get support. As if right now it is only 1/4 inch broken down. This bedding has a lifetime warranty ! Do not buy a King Koil !
I wish i would have researched more before we made our purchase.

Jan 15, 2011
Be warned!
by: M Woodward (England)

I purchased this product less than 3 years ago. Myself and my hubby are normal weight yet both sides of the bed have dips in them. I have to move into the middle If i want full back support. I very disappointing purchase!

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