My Kingsdown Crown Has Significant Body Impressions

I purchased the Kingsdown Crown in August 2010. This was one of the first all foam (blend of foam types, as opposed to Tempurpedic). The mattress was extremely comfortable in the store and I was not disappointed when it arrived. Unfortunately, that happiness only lasted about 18 months.

This mattress had noticeable body impressions within the first year and significant impressions by 18 months. The impressions grew steadily over the next 3 1/2 years until today - the sagging is 50% of the mattress depth. Now I can't sleep through the night and I always wake up in pain.

All in all, this was a terrible purchase. No one likes body impressions, and it seems like every mattress gets them sooner or later. This is a whole different league, though. In less than five years the mattress is in such poor condition that I couldn't even give it away. There are homeless people in my town that would prefer the ground. Oh, and just for reference, I'm 6' 1" and 165 lbs. Definitely not exposing the mattress to extraordinary wear.

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