My Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Statesman Is A Real Quality Mattress

To be honest I wasn't familiar with the Kingdsown brand and so I wasn't quite sure about it. I purchased the Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty Statesman toward the latter part of last year. The one I picked out was the queen size mattress with the firm euro pillow top. Previously I owned a Serta mattress that I thought I was happy with, however once I made the switch I have been very impressed by my new Kingsdown mattress.

In particular the support of the pillow top seems to be perfect whereas not to soft yet I still have a nice comfortable mattress. I've now had the mattress going on six months and I am impressed by several things. First and foremost the mattress is very well made.

I know this going to sound funny but whenever I'm shopping I always look at the way something is made especially when the item has stitch work to it. I've had some mattresses before and you go to move them or change positions of the mattress and you can quickly tell they will not hold up when you see stitching loose etc. but not with these mattresses they are extremely well made and in some places triple stitched.

The mattress is very comfortable and you don't get that sinking feeling of being sucked in. You don't have the feeling of overheating etc. Some mattresses that have memory foam or memory type cells seem like you get suffocated and really get hot quick. You sometimes wake-up and feel like you just got out of the shower because you are soaked with sweat.

One of the big differences I have noticed is that I actually dream, again I know this sounds funny but when I wake-up in the morning and I remember coming out of a dream I know I was able to get that deep sleep we all crave, you know that deep REM sleep. I now feel so much better rested when I wake and find it much easier to get through my days at work. Previously I just felt so tired all the time I would catch myself yawning quite a bit. So now going back to my opening statement, what

Regarding Kingsdown, for me first and foremost I think of quality and comfort delivered from a manufacturer that cares about the product they provide. I believe an good business and when I find a company providing products such as this and they have earned my business I will continue to buy from them and them alone. They have really built a strong brand loyalty in my opinion.

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