My Love Hate Relationship With My Stewart and Hamilton Dream Sleep IV Mattress

by Eric C.
(Crestline, OH)

Every night I go to sleep on a full-size Stewart and Hamilton Dream Sleep IV mattress. It came with the bed frame I purchased around three years ago so I don't know the individual price, but if I had to speculate I'd place it at around $200.

At first it was an excellent mattress and I found I could rest easy on it, but as time has gone on the pillow top has worn out and the mattress is far too firm. It's a very sturdy mattress, much more resilient than others I've had over the years in fact, but far less comfortable now that it's been broken in. I have to use several foam layers to add extra padding to my bed to help create a cushion to rest on.

Even then, I find it hard to get comfortable and usually have to make a nest out of pillows and blankets to construct the proper support for my neck and spine. Even if I manage to fall asleep, staying asleep can be a problem and I rarely feel well-rested from sleeping in the bed. Honestly, sometimes I sleep a lot better on my old, busted couch!

I didn’t do much research before purchasing my mattress; as I said, it came with the bed frame as part of a package. Perhaps if I had done more looking around, I would have discovered that particular brand of mattress isn’t renowned for its comfort or quality. There’s no particular brand of mattress I’d rather own, but an
upgrade of any kind would be welcomed at this point. I often end up “sleeping” ten to twelve hours a night because I can’t get any kind of quality rest.

The pillow top ended up being more of a curse than a boon, in the end; we used to be able to flip our old mattress when it got too smashed down and the other side was just as fluffy and accommodating as it was when it was brand new. The pillow top doesn’t really allow for the same tactic to be used now. Pillow tops seem like a good idea at first, but honestly I think they might be designed to reduce the lifespan of your mattress so that you have to go back to the company and purchase a new one.

Still, for as much as I suffer and gripe, when I find myself away on vacation in a hotel room, or even sleeping at a friend or family member’s house, I just can’t get comfortable in their beds. For all the annoyances and idiosyncrasies about my mattress, every time I lay down in it, it feels miles more comfortable than the ones I’m offered abroad.

There’s really nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long trip and stretching out on the bed, on MY bed and getting a good night’s sleep. So, perhaps my mattress is a good mattress and absence just makes the heart grow fonder? I suppose I’ll only really know when I purchase a new one in a few years.

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