My Serta Addie Super Pillowtop Is Like Sleeping on Air

by Robert P.
(Jacksonville, Florida )

My mattress is Serta Addie Super PillowTop. This mattress is extremely comfortable to sleep on. I like that you cannot feel the stuff on the inside of the mattress. The soft pillowtop on top of the mattress give you the sense that you are sleeping on air. The pillowtop is not only comfortable but conforms to my body giving me all back support that I need. The mattress is soft but not too soft.

If you prefer a firm mattress this is not the one for you. I have not had any problems with this mattress in the 2 years that I have owned it. I got a great price and brought this mattress for $550.00. It was on sale from just over $1,000.00. I would that this mattress is worth anywhere from $500.00 to $800.00. I’m not sure about the full $1,000.00 asking price.

Mine is a queen size mattress so maybe I would pay the thousand dollars for a king. This mattress is a lot better than other beds that I have owned in the past.

Overall, I would give the mattress a 4 stars out of 5. The reasoning for the 4 stars is that it has many benefits. The mattress is extremely comfortable, contours to your body for support, and is relatively inexpensive compared to others on the market.

The only thing that I took off a star for is the the mattress is pretty heavy compared to some. I think it’s because of the pillowtop adding more weight to the mattress, which I would expect. But none the less it does make it a little tricky to move if you need to. I would definitely buy this mattress in again in the future if I came across the same deal that I found before.

I did a little research on mattress before purchasing this mattress. I settled on wanting to get a pillowtop mattress for extra comfort. I would love to own a Temper-pedic mattress at some point though. They are a bit pricy buy if I ever want to indulge myself one day I will most definitely do some more research and try out one of these mattresses.

So in summary the Serta Addie Super PillowTop mattress is a good value for your dollar. It provides all the comfort and back support that someone will need without the rock hard experience of a firm mattress.

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