My Shepherds Dream 5 Inch All Natural Wool Mattress - Five Star Rating

by Jane
(Santa Barbara CA)

The mattress that I sleep on is made completely out of wool and I bought it from Shepherds Dream about five years ago. At the time that I bought it the cost was about $1500 plus $75 to ship it to my door UPS.

(It came all rolled up and wrapped in strong plastic). I believe that the cost has gone up quite a bit from when I purchased it. I think it is closer to a $2,100 price tag. It is called the 5” All Natural Wool Mattress on their website.

Shepherds dream is a really nice small company that seems to really believe in the product that they are making. Nice people somewhere near Mount Shasta in California. Probably a nice place to raise sheep :)

I really like the mattress, it is very natural and there is no funny outgassing smell from the foam and no flame retardants that make me worry about cancer in my later years. It is comfortable if you are used to sleeping on futon type beds, if you were transitioning from a regular bed it would be really different.

If I had the money I would have added the $600 mattress topper that Shepherds Dream recommended but I didn’t have that much money so I didn’t. But five years later as my mattress settles into itself more I am thinking that I will need to buy a mattress topper at some point.

I like the wool so much better than foam mattresses. The last time we bought a foam mattress it
was for my daughter to sleep near us in our bedroom and the smell was so awful that I just couldn’t see it being healthy for her. We ended up trying to air it out in the carport in California but it still smelled terribly toxic four years later when we parted ways with that awful foam piece.

I would give our current Shepherds Dream wool mattress a five star rating. It is one hundred percent wool including the cover which is a kind of wool blanket material. I haven’t had much in the way of shifting over the years, just the flattening that one would expect from wool or cotton futon.

Originally the mattress that we used was a king sized cotton futon with a foam core. Not only was I worried about the outgassing from the foam core but moving a king size futon is Herculean task that should not be undertaken by the average mortal.

The king sized wool mattress from Shepherds Dream is by comparison relatively easy to move and turning it for air no longer is a family event!

I would definitely buy this mattress again if I could afford it. In fact I have pondered whether or not I could buy another of the same kind and just stack the two of them on top of each other as my original one gets flatter. (And I never did buy the mattress topper that they recommended in the beginning). Switching to natural products is definitely different but your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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