My Tempur-Pedic Bed Compared Vs. My Old Waterbed

by Alex

My bed is a Tempur-Pedic Twin-size bed. I find it to be rather uncomfortable to sleep on, in spite of the claims of its superiority in the media. The memory foam has one definite benefit, and that is the fact that motion is absorbed through the material so that you do not disturb anything on another part of the mattress.

For example, the famous 'glass of wine' test, where someone is jumping up and down on the mattress while a glass of wine stands on the other side of the mattress, remaining upright and undisturbed. As far as softness, the material definitely is soft to the touch, however the actual support strength of the mattress is on the firm side.

I dislike this mattress overall because I sleep face-down and so the idea of spinal support has no impact on me, since my spine does not contact the mattress while I sleep. Also, I dislike the fact that the memory foam material tends to absorb your body heat, making it unpleasent to lie in the same spot for too long, causing you to uncomfortably overheat.

I bought this mattress from a local furniture store and I have been using it for about five years now. I would definitely vouch for its durability; the memory foam material holds up very well over time especially when compared to a traditional mattress.

The only thing that concerns me is the possibility of accidentally spilling a beverage or other liquid into the mattress. Will it be absorbed into the foam? Will it be unable to be cleaned?

This mattress cost about $1800. I think that it was a reasonable price for this type of mattress, but I personally was dissatisfied because of how uncomfortable I feel on it. While I have a twin size mattress, I would prefer to have a larger mattress if given the option. King size would be ideal for me.

My previous bed was a water bed, which I miss very much after having to sleep on the Tempur-Pedic for all these years. The water bed was very comfortable and ideal for my face-down orientation during sleep. The sensation of lying down on a mattress of water was extremely relaxing and was not only conducive to sleep, but also to general relaxation.

Overall, I would rate my Tempur-Pedic with 1 star because of my complete dissatisfaction with it, although I still understand the concept and design of the memory foam and I still see its practicality, just not for myself in particular. I would absolutely not buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress again.

I tried to read up on the brand before buying it, but in retrospect I wish I had done more, although I don't know that anything could have given me the information I need to realize that I don't like this mattress other than my own personal experience with it.

After sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic for the last five years, I would be very excited to buy another water bed like the one I had before the Tempur-Pedic. In fact, I may look into the possibility of replacing my mattress with a water bed in the near future, since reminiscing of the comfort of my old water bed has inspired me to seek the comfort of a magical water mattress that I once knew.

I know that Tempur-Pedic is stylized in the media to be an ingenious concept and that every single person could benefit from sleeping on one, but in reality I cannot stand this mattress and I think that one should very carefully consider if memory foam is the type of material that they really want to be sleeping on for years and years.

After all the information that is presented in favor of these mattresses, the only way you can truly know what it is that you in particular really want for yourself, you must try out as many different options as you possibly can, thereby insuring that you have done the most that you can to provide yourself with the ideal mattress.

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