My Vera Wang is Superior Bliss!

by Anna C.
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

For years, my husband and I had a Sealy innerspring, pillow-top mattress. Even with the softness of the pillow-top, we could always feel the pressure of the springs underneath us. Not only was it uncomfortable—both of us woke up stiff and achy every morning — but it creaked and shook all the time...and not for the right reasons!

Any time either of us turned over or got out of bed, we would wake the other up with the squeaking and shaking springs. A year ago (finally!), we purchased a Queen-sized Serta mattress—the SuperiorBliss by Vera Wang, to be exact—and it has been an absolute dream.

Going to bed is a pleasure every night because the mattress feels soft and luxurious, without feeling too fluffy. In other words, it feels soft but firm enough to prevent me from “sinking in” to the bed. This added firmness is probably the best part about the SuperiorBliss mattress because it gives me just the right amount of support, which helps soothe my lower back.

With my old mattress, I used to wake up every morning with a backache. As soon as I got out of bed, I would have to stretch because I was so stiff. Now, if I go to bed with a backache, I know I’ll wake up feeling great—the Serta actually makes my back feel better. As if waking up without backaches isn’t enough, I wake up feeling well rested because I’m not tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable.

And my husband and I aren’t waking each other up during the night with creaky springs. Honestly, it really feels like I’m lying down on a thick, firm cloud every night.

The mattress did cost us a pretty penny—well over $1,000—but it was well worth the money. We looked for months, lying on mattresses in stores all over our city, carefully comparing prices, researching on the Internet, but when we laid down on the SuperiorBliss, we knew the money didn’t matter any more. We bought it that day and have never been happier—it gets 4 stars from us! The only negative feature of the mattress is the temperature.

When shopping around, my husband and I had heard that memory foam mattresses had the tendency to become warm from sleepers’ body heat. We knew that was a possibility, but the mattress felt so great, we were willing to give it a shot anyway. Last summer, we did occasionally feel like the bed was too hot. We do, however, live in an apartment with no central air conditioning and no window-unit in the bedroom, so I don’t think it should be a problem at all once we move somewhere else with better climate control.

I’ve heard recently that some memory foam mattresses are including a “cooling” element now, so when my husband and I buy another mattress we might consider one with that feature. But honestly, I don’t think I’ll have to think about buying another mattress for a long time because we love the Serta so much. It really is everything it claims to be — SuperiorBliss!

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