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Natural Response Mattress Reviews
What's So Special about the King Koil Natural Response Mattress?

The Natural Response mattress collection from King Koil has paved its own way towards popularity and the top of the ratings, thanks to its many unique advantages.

The Natural Response collection is just one of the many top-quality mattresses from long-time leading mattress manufacturer, King Koil.

These mattresses are special in more ways than one.

Special Features of Natural Response
Mattresses from King Koil

Ventilex: an advanced foam that regulates temperature.

The Natural Response mattress solves one of the biggest problems consumers often encounter with their mattresses: temperature issues.

Most mattresses tend to follow the temperature of the surroundings and the person on the bed. So when it's cold, the mattresses also feel cold; when it's hot, the mattresses also feel hot.

But the King Koil Natural Response uses a special type of foam that regulates temperature to maintain it at a consistent level. This foam is called Ventilex. When the body temperature goes up, the mattress cools down.

When the body temperature gets colder, the mattress warms up. This also prevents fluctuations in temperature, which can cause discomfort and tossing and turning at night.

Plush Conforming Latex

The second to last layer, just above the supportive layer, made of super soft plush latex for effective cushioning.


A special layer combined with Ventilex; the NuForm material helps the entire mattress recover quickly to make sure you can move freely on the bed.

Firm Contouring Latex

The third uppermost layer makes sure the body gets the right amount of firm support.


A special layer made up of latex pillows that are attached end to end; this special addition is focused on reducing motion disturbance, which is why the Natural Response mattress is a favorite among couples.

Visco Supreme

The uppermost layer, right before the quilt, is made from Visco Supreme foam, a visco-elastic memory foam that makes the bed surface conform nicely to the shape of the body and reduces pressure points.


For the quilting, King Koil uses the long lasting Everquilt foam.


The thickest layer is the support layer, which is divided into two. The first is the Micro-Coil innerspring system, made up of a top layer of smaller coils and a bottom layer of larger coils that conform to the body and also support it.

Underneath the coils is a thick layer of latex foam core with 5 different zones to provide different support/comfort levels for 5 different areas of the body.


The tufting of the King Koil Natural Response mattresses is tailor-made and is designed to look pleasant and high-class. No one will mistake your mattress for a cheap, poorly made one. The tufting is also there to prevent body impressions from affecting the overall quality of the mattress.


King Koil uses its own Excellent Edge technology, which helps make the mattress really stable. You can lie on it from edge to edge, with every inch of the mattress offering a stable place to sit on or lie down on. This extends the sleep surface by as much as 10%.

Consumer Feedback on the Natural Response Mattress

Consumers have nothing but good things to say about the Natural Response mattress. According to reviews, people are happy because they've been using the mattress for more than 10 years without any signs of aging or wear and tear.

With such durability, consumers are quite willing to pay the price of the mattress, which is never lower than $1000. At this range, it is already a competitive price considering that other mattresses of similar quality and class can have prices as high as $2000 to $3000.

And when you look at all those well-designed layers of different patented materials used in the Natural Response mattress, you may even feel like you're getting quite a bargain.

This may not be a budget buy, and this may not be the most luxurious mattress on the market. But quality, construction, and overall value are the strongest points of this mattress.

It may be challenging to find a cheaper or similarly priced mattress with as many layers and details as the King Koil Natural Response mattress.

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