No Problems With My Vera Wang Mattress

by Marilyn

I purchased my Serta Vera Wang mattress around five years ago, which is a really long time ago. You may be thinking that I should buy a new one, but to me it is not even necessary to dwell on the negatives, which are limited to nothing from the actual mattress, but from my family members who always want to sleep in my bed with me.

My Serta Vera Wang is very comfortable, and durable. I love this mattress because it can comfortably support two people, and it's very soft and makes it very easy for me and my daughter to fall asleep quickly. I believe I would recommend this Serta mattress to everyone I know, especially my friends and relatives with children also.

If mattresses could change the world I believe this Serta mattress would do just that. I purchased this mattress at Furniture Fair, for a very reasonable price, but I can't remember the price exactly, because it has been so long. If I actually needed to, I would purchase this same mattress again, because the durability of these mattresses make them last forever.

This bed has survived spill after spill after multiple spills on it from my daughter. I have no idea about the specs on this mattress, like how much weight it can hold, etc. but I can tell you if you decide that you want to buy a new mattress or need a new one, you will not go wrong with purchasing this mattress.

There will most definitely be a responsible price, durability, and the softness will all be worth it in the future. I have had five long years, three with just me sleeping in my bed, and the rest with my daughter and I can't say that I have ever had a bad time sleeping on my mattress.

I would recommend this mattress for anyone, even someone with back problems, or back pain. I guarantee this mattress will be everything that you always wanted from a mattress. Thank you for reading, Marilyn.

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