Ortho Sleeping Beauty Crown Imperial Mattress

by Walter B.
(Pasadena, CA)

My mattress is an Ortho, queen sized, “Sleeping Beauty Crown Imperial Ultra Firm” with matching box spring.

I purchased it from the local Ortho showroom in Pasadena, California.

Checking the label I am surprised to see that this was in 1995.

The mattress is in good shape and does not sag. I am sure that the fact that I rotate it regularly has helped me maintain it for so long, especially since I am heavy-set (over 300 Lbs.).

I have always liked this mattress. Although it is firm I have never felt uncomfortable.

I have had back problems in the past but, as long as I keep this mattress rotated on a regular schedule, I sleep well and I have never had a sore back due to it. Nor can I remember a poor night’s sleep because I was uncomfortable.

The price for the entire set was approximately $500. Not the cheapest but considering how long it has served me, especially considering my weight, I feel I received good value for money.

Although not of great importance to me, the mattress and box spring set is of an attractive gold color. It is nicely finished but not too fancy. This is what I prefer.

When I rotate it I notice that it is on the heavy side, but this is a price I’m willing to pay for long-lasting quality. I also like the fact that I am buying from a brand name American company.

The mattress was made in the USA and certainly this will be important to me when it is time to replace it.

I remember that the store personnel were friendly as was the installation crew.

In summary, the Ortho “Sleeping Beauty Crown Imperial Ultra Firm” has served me well. I consider it a high quality, long lasting product from a reputable company.

I will definitely consider this company and mattress again when the mattress needs replacing. Definitely five stars for the mattress and the same for the company.

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