Our Bob's Furniture Black Label Mattress Review

by Gerry

I have a Bob's Furniture Black Label Mattress. We bought it four years ago at the Salem, NH store. It cost us around $1000 and felt like we overpaid due to the quality.

We have been extremely dissappointed with it. We recently had it replaced by Bob's Furniture due to sagging on both sides. The bed was very uncomfortable. The box spring was also very noisy and would wake up the other person sleeping when someone got in bed. We consistently woke up with bad backs and felt sore.

The replacement mattress was recently delivered and right now it is performing better. However, we expect that to change very soon like the last one.

Buying a mattress from a discount furniture store is a bad idea. Our bed is a King size with a pillow top. Our previous Queen bed was much more comfortable. That was a Simmons beauty rest from Jordan's furniture. We still have it and our guests rave about it.

I would rate our Bob's mattress as a 1 Star - terrible. We would definitely not purchase it again in the future and would not recommend it to anyone. We honestly didn't do much research before the purchase. We found it was reasonable and thought Bob's Furniture had a good reputation.

We would prefer to own a Simmons Beauty Rest king size mattress but that may have to wait a few years. One thing I would like to point out, Bob's Furniture was very accomodating when we called to get a replacement. There was no fighting and the process went very smooth.

The delivery guys were great and admitted that the mattress has had a number of issues. They thought the new one would perform better and said to call if we had any issues or concerns. In the end, we still would get another brand for our next bed due to our issues.

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Dec 31, 2012
by: AnonymousLisa

Hi. I agree. I bought the same mattress 8 months ago. Paid $1600 for the set. Now wake up with a backache every morning. A waste of money.

Aug 27, 2013
me too!
by: Anonymous

I also wake up with bad back. I had the euro top and thought that was the problem. Bob's was very accommodating and replaced it with the firm. Still the same problem. Wake up with neck and upper back pain every night. As you sleep the mattress keeps sinking and you end up out of alignment. I bought a latex topper but that doesn't stop the sinking. Now trying a board.

Would love a new mattress. Hate the quality of all of them.

Aug 18, 2014
Bobs black label king with sagging issue
by: Anonymous

Same sagging issue with black label king. Tech came, agreed and we are on our way in to have replacement delivered.

Dec 08, 2014
Yup. 2 mattresses and both collapsed
by: Ron Quinn

We bought a Black Label Gel King for $1100 and we are on our second on in a year. Both had the same issue, the area where we sleep on each side is collapsing. The middle of the mattress has a hump now as a result. Not sure what to do or where to go from here.

Feb 26, 2015
Lousy mattress
by: Steve

Bought the queen size Black Label at Bob's in Salem, NH. I was aware of the poor quality of their furniture but somehow convinced myself that their mattresses would be comparable with name brand units.
Within a few months both edges broke down. If we dont position ourselves near the center both of us would roll off the bed. My wife weighs 120 pounds and her side broke down as well.
The salesman assured us this firm mattress would remain firm, something I insisted I need.
Now I wake up with a back ache 7 days a week. Dont even want a replacement from Bob's, as I dont trust any product there.

Apr 07, 2015
by: mike

Bought Bob's Black Label King in June 2014 and have the exact same problem as other reviews. The bed has sunk on both sides where we sleep with a large hump in the middle. They are replacing it next week and said they haven't experienced any issues with the bed! Obviously not the case judging from all the reviews. Would like my money back to buy a real mattress but obviously they won't do that! I guess a real example of "you get what you pay for"

Aug 24, 2015
Black Label King Mattress
by: Linda

Purchased this WONDERFUL KING SIZE mattress on Aug. 15,2015 and was quite nervous as I only read reviews AFTER purchase .
If you want an honest unbiased review - here it is . This mattress has given my husband and myself the most comfortable restful sleep in 3 years . The mattress supports cradles and keeps your body at a pleasurable temperature .
Really do not understand what the negative reviews are coming from except from folks that have NOT actually slept on this mattress.
Value , comfort and and outstanding warranty is all included and a terrific nights sleep awaits those that dare to honestly give it a chance.

Oct 26, 2015
No More Bob-O-Pedic
by: C B Taylor

I bought my Black Label set in December 2014 and after three or four months I started hurting when I turned over in bed. Also, once I get out of bed I literally cannot bend or straighten up without having back pain and stiffness. I have never had such problems and at first I thought sporadic exercise and stretching were the cause (I am 68). But I discovered this was not the case. I found this out by sleeping in my recliner and the next morning there was no evidence of back pain at all. My problem is the mattress is too firm for me. To alleviate more pain I have been sleeping in my recliner until I can figure out a solution, but I cannot continue to do this much longer. To Linda who said that the negative reviews were "from folks that have not actually slept on this mattress," your review is dated August 24, 2015. I'll give you another three or four months before you join the rest of us.

Mar 28, 2016
worst bed ever
by: Anonymous

This is the most uncomfortable i had sleep in my whole entire life, i wake up with back aches every day and neck pain, it does not matter how i position myself, i am always uncomfortable in this bed and have the adjustable one which should be more comfortable.... Do not waste your money, go somewhere else, this is the 3rd bed i have from bob's as replacements...

May 04, 2016
lasted only 3 years
by: Anonymous

Got a Bob Black Label Queen as a warranty replacement for one of their other mattresses that lasted 8 years (20 year warranty). this one lasted 3 and we have slept on a crappy mattress for the last year. We had to pay an extra $300 for this "upgraded" mattress and it lasted less than half the time of the cheaper one. Called them today for a technician to come and see the bed for warranty replacement, but our choices are limited in another mattress. Will take the new one but save up for a better quality bed next time.

Oct 21, 2016
Bobs Black label mattress
by: Linda A.

I've had this mattress for 1 month. My back is in so much pain from the first time I slept on it the mattress is high on one side and low on the other. The head of the bed slopes downward they sent their technician out to inspect. He threw a long slat across the bed and said ok m I'm done. They refused to give me my money back because he told them it was a case of discomfort , not a defect in the mattress I am so done with them lm going to report them to the BBB . This will be the third mattress from them in one month. The first one smelled like Mildew. Now this one has sink holes. Don't waste your money. Save yourself from frustration.

Feb 23, 2017
Just awful
by: Anonymous

Might as well throw your money out the window. Worst mattress we ever had. Lasted 3 years. Didn't want to replace it with another piece of crap from Bobs.
Went to Mattress Firm and bought a Simmons beauty rest. Yes it cost more than 3x what the Blacknlabke from Bobs did but isn't a good nights sleep worth it?

Mar 13, 2018
Avoid this mattress
by: Ted in Plymouth

this Mattress might be discontinued by now not sure but if not please do not buy it.

we had ours I think 5 yrs,, it started collapsing in the middle after a year and because my very lower back was feeling sore I flipped the mattress over and slept on the bottom harder side which is not meant to be slept on and it seemed to work but at that point I was just trying to avoid pain. after 5 yrs of flipping it and spinning it and using a folded blanket to fill in the hole in middle were it collapsed we decided to go to another store and get another mattress which cost me 4 times what I paid for the bobs "back attack" mattress but after two nights I realized what a comfortable mattress means and what it means for your back and it was well worth it.

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