Our Posturepedic Is Priceless To Us

by Dolores

My mattress is a Sealy Posture-Pedic. I have owned this mattress for over four years. Our story started when I rented a house from a friend. She had bought this mattress new to use in staging the house for sale. She ended up renting to me instead. This mattress was only about three months old when we moved into the house.

No one else had ever slept on it. My husband and I knew that we were moving into a furnished house, so we gave away our ten-year-old bed. We were thrilled to have a brand name mattress, especially a very well-known name. 
 This is a king size mattress. We were amazed by how comfortable it was. We really liked our old bed, but this one was much better made. It is a pillow top mattress, so it is both firm enough to provide support and soft enough to be nice to lay on.

Our old king size bed didn't seem quite as wide, and it definitely wasn't of such high quality. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning feeling so refreshed, and without all the aches and pains we used to experience with our old bed. 
 We moved out of that furnished rental house about six months ago. We moved into a house that came unfurnished. The first item on our agenda was to see if our former landlady would sell us this bed. She grudgingly agreed. She really wanted to keep it for herself, but we convinced her that the bed was already conditioned for our bodies, so she would never get the optimal use out of it that we were getting.

We ended up only paying about $300 for the bed, but we might have been willing to go a lot higher if we needed to. This mattress is priceless to us! I would give it a "firm" 5 star rating!

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