Our Sealy Pillow Top Is Firmer Than We Expected

by J. Haynes

We have a Sealy pillowtop matttress that we bought before we got married ten years ago. Tags have been removed, so not sure about the model numbers, but it is the barebones cheapest version of pillowtop queen mattress.

When we first bought it, we were sleeping on a waterbed, so any bed was an improvement over that. We found a special deal at a mattress store and bought it for $399. It is a queen pillowtop mattress.

I would have rated it a 3-4 when we first bought it because it was an improvement over what we had before, but now it's a 1-2. After 1-2 years, it started hurting our backs. It has no give to it. It is very firm. We ended up buying a large foam pad to put over it. This was an additional $100+ we spent on our bed. It does help the overall softness. I would also change to a King bed if I could.

Ten years and two kids later, we all end up sharing the bed sometimes after a while. We kinda just jumped into our purchase since we were young, and just wanted something cheap to fill our new apartment with. Now after over 10 years, we will definitely need another one. Right now, we are learning toward a tempurpedic mattress, but because of the price, we are hesitant to purchase.

We have researched these mattresses, and talked to people that own them, and have heard various different answers. Some say we should get the sleep number bed, that way both my husband and I will get to choose the firmness and/or softness of the mattress. We are definitely ready to get rid of this old mattress that had been a pain in our backs for 10 years. We still need to research more to see if it's worth spending the extra money on the more fancy beds or just get a nicer version of the Sealy.

We really didn't have any problems per se with the bed. It was just more firm than we had expected, even when we tried it out at the mattress store. I would take your time in researching something that you will sleep on everyday for the next ten plus years!

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