Overall This Is A Fantastic Product - Serta Fontana Euro Pillow Top

by Christina H.
(Minneapolis, MN)

My current mattress is a Serta Fontana Euro pillow top (Model # 262233). I was out at Menard’s one night checking out the prices of stoves when I walked by the little mattress section they have.

I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time desperate for a new mattress. I laid down and didn’t want to get back up! It was just what I was looking for. The price was great too. We paid around $500 and we only needed to replace the mattress. I thought it was a great price to pay for the comfort we are getting.

Six years prior to this purchase we had paid $600 for our first mattress set as a married couple. It was nowhere near as comfortable or high quality as the Serta. My husband and I have been enjoying wonderful sleep with this mattress for the past two years.

The next time I need a new mattress I will be looking for the same brand and style! My favorite feature of this mattress is the plush pillow top. I love a soft bed and this delivers! It has a couple inches of memory foam in the top so you sink right in to the bed. It also holds your form and adjusts to your body while you sleep.

I had thought that most memory foam mattresses were really uncomfortable and stiff but this one is great since it’s only a couple of inches. After two years of nightly use, this mattress still looks new. The pillow top has not deteriorated and still provides the same level of comfort it did the day we brought it home.

The only thing to consider when buying this mattress is that it can’t by flipped like a traditional mattress. With the plush pillow top, you will always have to keep it on the top. Overall, this is a fantastic product and would highly recommend it to anyone who prefers a soft mattress! 5 Stars

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Jun 06, 2011
Isn't as good as looks
by: Patrice

We thought this mattress was great too, very comfy, until after a yr and a half, we started sinking in the middle. Purchased from our local Menards, will not do that again. Was told to call Serta, for 10 yr warranty claim. They said to go to Menards and see the manager. We thought at first it was our older (10yr.) box spring, so purchased a new one from a local furniture store.
This was not the answer, still sinks in middle of the bed. We have rotated many times, to no avail. This is a $600. mattress. So go to a furniture store to purchase, not a box store.

Nov 13, 2011
fontana mattress
by: Anonymous

Bought our Fontana mattress from Menards also, paid $619 2/6/2010. It now has a big hump in the middle of course where we do not sleep and very uncomforable, Very disapointed. We are now buying form a Mattress store.

Mar 03, 2012
King Serta Fontana Euro Pillow Top Mattress HORRIBLE
by: Jake Jones

like the others, bought from menards and within a week was noticably sagging on both sides, hump in the middle. Called menards who really did not want to let us return it and am placing a call to serta this week to discuss warranty replacement. Not happy at all with this King Serta Fontana Euro Pillow Top Mattress

Mar 09, 2012
Second Serta Montana same as the first
by: Blueleaderone

After one year we had 2 valleys, Menards replaced the matress. Now another year later we have the same valleys. Menards said they will replace again. We asked for our money back. Serta said NO. Mernards contacted the serta rep and is now giving us our money back.

Thanks to Anna at Menards Green Bay east.

Feb 07, 2014
Back Pain
by: Anonymous

Very comfy at first. We had the same problems after two yrs. They replaced it with a newer model. Hope it helps.

Feb 15, 2015
serta fontana model number 262233
by: Anonymous

We also purchased this from menards. Shortly afterwards it had sagging in the places we sleep. I will not buy another.

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