Overnight Mattress Bamboo Breeze Review

by Bryan

Well it's been 5 months and the 11" Bamboo Breeze mattress is still the same luxurious mattress that I slept on when I first bought it from overnight mattress.

The memory foam is soft and comfortable yet very supportive by the lower denser foam that is underneath the top layer. I have never had a memory foam bed before this one and was concerned about the cradling effect that is talked about.

The bottom supportive mattress does not allow that to happen. I have never slept so good as witnessed by my bed covers that seem unmoved by morning time. I sleep cool enough even with the electric blanket.

There was no noticeable smell from this foam as sometimes mentioned as a problem with memory foam beds. One problem I did have came from shipping the mattress in its folded up state. When I opened out the mattress to expand the top chamber that houses the memory foam was not sitting squarely on top of the lower chamber.

It's the only complaint I have with this purchase other than the non existent customer service department that I'm not sure even exist. I never received return phone calls after leaving several messages on their voicemail regarding my interest in doing an exchange.

I only was able to accomplish this through posing as a new customer to their sales team.

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