PureFit Mattress by Relax The Back

by Ada L.
(South San Francisco, CA )

We purchased the PureFit Mattress from Relax the Back about 2-1/2 years ago. It is a memory foam similar to TempurPedic, but is more environmentally-friendly in its production, which is done in Southern California.

In principle, it is a very comfortable mattress and my husband loves it, as did I when we first got it.

However, I have OA in my hips and knees and back, along with spinal stenosis which causes major lower back pain. I am also obese. These conditions have worsened over time, so were less an issue - but significant considerations - when we purchased the mattress.

In addition, I am a "hot" sleeper, which I've learned is an effect of the pain from my OA and lower back issues (and probably my obesity as well). THis has worsened in the time we've had the mattress and now I find I wake up many times during the night drenched in sweat because the mattress is holding the heat.

If you experience any of the problems I mention, I would not recommend this mattress - or any kind of memory foam.

I have hit my limit with interrupted sleep and am now shopping for a new mattress with a different construction/material

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Sep 22, 2012
"Hot" sleepers - CORRECTION of review
by: Ada L

I recently posted a review for this mattress, indicating that it was uncomfortable for me because I am a "hot" sleeper and I thought the mattress was making it worse.

However, as I researched other mattresses, I got a sudden insight into the true cause of my problem...I was covering my mattress with a quilted mattress pad (nothing special, just a polyester quilted pad), and I had a hunch it was interfering with the performance of the mattress.

So, I removed the mattress pad and ALL MY PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN RESOLVED! I no longer sweat like crazy at night AND I am getting superb support from the mattress. However it is that the foam responds to my body, the mattress pad was blocking it, which is why I suffered so much - for over 2 years, no less!

SO...if you have one of these mattresses - DON'T use a mattress pad since it might keep you from enjoying the full benefits of the mattress!

Jun 24, 2016
Pure fit breaks down within 4 years!
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Pure Fit Soy mattress from Relax the Back after back surgery summer 2010. Great at first and slept cool with the cooling mattress cover. By 2013, it showed signs of "rutting." I could feel a body dip where I slept! I am only 120 lbs! This has continued to get worse and I can barely sleep through the night. I wake in pain during the night. I awake with pain in my low back, neck, hips, and numb shoulders. I feel worse than before my surgery. There is a hump in the center that separates my husbands "rut" from mine. I wish I never bought this bed. Paid $3000+ for something that DID NOT live up to its name!

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