Queen Size Orthorest Mattress - Not Very Comfortable At All

by Ronda G.
(Baton Rouge, La)

I bought a simple and cheap queen size pre-owned mattress set from the local Corts. The mattress was one of those green floral types under the name of Orthorest. The info on the tag says ‘Capital bedding company, Orthorest, so I initially thought I got a good deal because it was only $200 or so and I just needed a mattress to sleep on.

I should mention, I bought it pre-owned which they say is cleaned thoroughly and comes with the plastic on it. It was worth it at the time but in hindsight, not so much, especially when I see specials and sales for better ones for only a bit more.

Well that was almost 2 years ago. Flash forward to today-- it is worn out and my back is getting good and sore every night. Now I know that I bought this almost 2 years ago but it was already sinking in the middle around the summer of this year and has only gotten worse... it is not very comfortable at all.

When I first got it, it was great and I was single. Then I met someone and I must say, this mattress is not fit for 2 adults. It is not comfortable at all anymore. It started off ok but now it is pretty useless. The only thing I like about it, is that I’m not sleeping on the couch.

I dislike that it sinks in the middle and no matter what position I’m in it never feels good. I always feel like I have to readjust and I literally have to take a LEAP to get out of it because my body rolls to the sink in the middle. I should mention that the first year of owning it (when I was single) I very rarely used it so maybe that extended the life of it but as soon as I started using it often, I started noticing a difference.

I’ve had better beds but also worse ones. I’ve had some that have worn out and some that have lasted, and while this definitely doesn’t hold a candle to some of the luxurious ones I’ve slept on in hotels, I would like to be fair.

When I first got this mattress, it was great (it’s better than a futon, couch or an air mattress.) I would come home and fall asleep easily but after normal wear and tear, time took its toll on the mattress. So I guess I should only have planned to use this as a temporary mattress.

Maybe this would be good for someone who just needs something to sleep on for a year or until they get on their feet but not for someone who wants something that will last. Remember that year goes by pretty fast. I’ve been thinking of putting a mattress topper to it, but the sink is so deep that I doubt it will do any good.

I would give this mattress 1 star, but I know that I’m bitter because it has become useless to me. So I will give it 2 stars only because it was a good deal when I bought it (and was struggling financially) and also I think it might be better if it’s for a single person. I would not recommend it for a couple and I would not recommend it for anything long-term.

I will not buy this model again for myself but I might buy it for the guest bedroom, because you know they say the comfort of a mattress determines if your guests will ever leave!

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