Queen-Sized Sealy Comfort Series Primrose Showcase Edition Mattress with Pillow Top

by Scott S.
(Lafayette, Indiana)

My wife and I own a queen-sized Sealy Comfort Series Primrose Showcase Edition mattress. It has a pillowtop on both sides and a typical spring system between the pillowtops. We have owned it for about thirteen years. The mattress is comfortable and the pillowtop on both sides allows you to flip the mattress periodically to reduce "wear and tear".

However, after 13 years, the pillowtops have become somewhat molded to our body shapes. Due to my relatively larger body style (my wife is more petite), one side of the pillowtop has significantly larger "divots" than the other side.

At this point, it is less comfortable to sleep on your stomach due to the fact that your back curves instead of remaining flat like when it was new. It was not a cheap mattress when we got it 13 years ago, probably in the $750 or more range. It was purchased from a local furniture store, Lehnen's.

We bought the Sealy because our previous mattress was too firm and was not as comfortable. The dual pillowtops gave this mattress a softer feel, but the spring skeleton gave decent support. I think what has happened over time is the cushion material in the pillowtop has gotten crushed down where it supports the most weight.

I think the bed has been a decent value, but I can't say that I get out of bed in the morning ready to tackle the world. I don't think I would buy this model of mattress again due to the "divot" issue. Our next bed will probably be something more like the Sleep Number mattress. That way my wife and I can both have our own firmness settings and I don't think that mattress type will take our shape like this older, more traditional mattress has done.

We may check to see if Sealy has a mattress available in the Sleep Number bed style because we have been satisfied with them as a company. We will probably use this older Sealy in a guest bedroom to replace our even older, super-firm mattress. I would give this mattress a 4 out of 5 stars.

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Sealy Queen Size Comfort Balance Firm Mattress

by Mike
(South FL)

The brand name of my mattress is Sealy. It’s a “queen size, comfort balance firm mattress”.

The truth is, it’s not comfortable at all and I don’t really like anything about it. I feel like it’s a little bit too strong and too rough. I’ve had it for years.

I don’t like its size. I’m a big guy. I’ve gained weight over the past couple years and now I feel like the bed is too small for me. I like King sized beds that are softer and much more comfortable. I like a spacious bed.

I had bought this mattress at Bedding Barn, here in South Florida. I’ve used this mattress ever since I moved to my apartment. So, it’s already been 5 years.

I don’t remember exactly how much I bought it for. But I believe it was in the neighborhood of $200. At the time I believed it was worth the price, but very shortly after I came to the conclusion that I had wasted my money because I knew that I’ve slept on better mattresses in the past.

That was the very first bed and mattress that I had ever personally purchased myself. I used to live with my mother. So, I had never really cared about bed sizes and brands.

The star rating that I would give my mattress would be 1 for poor. I would never buy the same model again. I’m not sure if it is the brand or if it was simply that particular model that I had bought.

I don’t know anything about mattresses. I never even thought that there were so many types of mattresses. I should have asked around first before buying it. That would have given me some information and advice so that I could have made an educated decision instead of rushing and purchasing a bed that makes me miserable. I had bought it in a rush because I had moved and needed a bed as soon as possible.

That’s why before somebody purchases a new mattress, I truly recommend that they shop around a little bit before in order to compare different styles and models and brands. Next time I can afford a new mattress, I will make sure I go to different places and try to lay on it for a couple of minutes just to make sure that it’s comfortable.

When I get a better job, I will try to go for one of those more expensive Tempur-Pedic ones that I’ve been seeing everybody talk about. I’ve heard that those beds could fit exactly to my body so that I can sleep well. But I heard that they are very expansive.

Sometimes I tend to think what really goes into making a mattress that makes it cost so much. A friend of mine even told me that his parents bought a bed for $1500 plus. I couldn’t believe it. I never even knew that a mattress could cost so much.

It might be worth the price though. Especially if you take in consideration those people that really have trouble sleeping or falling asleep. If I had the money too, I would buy it because a good night of sleep can be priceless.

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Sealy Comfort Series Blue Lake Firm Mattress

by Michelle Mahan
(Atlanta, Ga)

After more than 7 years or sleeping on the same, worn mattress I begrudgingly went mattress shopping. I had no idea what I was looking for, or what I should be looking for.

Thankfully, I lucked out by stumbling upon a store with informed sales associates. They put me in a Sealy Comfort Series Blue Lake Foam Queen mattress.

While it cost slightly more than I was intending to pay, it was worth every penny. My memory foam mattress really does do everything the commercials say.

I fall asleep and stay asleep because I am not woken up in the middle of the night by my husband, who gets in and out of bed frequently.

With my previous mattress, I experienced back and neck pain. I had no idea that this pain was related to my mattress until I purchased my memory foam mattress.

Although I love my new mattress, it does have its down sides. The Sealy memory foam mattress does emit an unpleasant odor. While it's not obvious at first, it can become bothersome after laying on it a while.

I have placed a bed pad over the mattress, and this seems to help. When I purchased this mattress, the weather was cool, so I didn't notice until summer rolled around, just how much hotter the memory foam mattress is compared to my last one.

I believe that the comfort this mattress provides is well worth these minor inconveniences. Many companies, including Sealy, offer 30 day trials on most of their memory foam mattresses.

This is great because most people would obviously prefer to try something before they pay $700. If you have back pain, neck pain, or trouble sleeping, I would suggest you try a free trial. After sleeping on a memory foam mattress, I'll never go back to coil springs again.

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I Despise My Sealy Comfort Series Mattress

by J.K.
(New York )

As a poor college student home for the summer I honestly despise my mattress. Not only does it refuse to hold my sheets in place, but it is about as comfortable as actually sleeping on the floor; believe me, I would know.

In it’s defense, it is over 15 years old since I got it when I was a little kid, and I’m willing to bet mattresses have improved in the last decade. I mean just look at all those amazing Memory Foam mattresses they have out now. If that’s not enough, they also have ones out where you can adjust the softness and firmness with the touch of a button; mind blown.

In terms of durability, the mattress is holding up well. But then again so would a slab of wood if I decided to sleep on that, given that they have about the same firmness in my opinion.

The price? Not sure what was exactly paid but anything more than free was far too generous on the behalf of the buyer for stiff, uncomfortable twin sized mattress which probably will end up on Craigslist for that exactly price once I graduate from college in two years.

Unfortunately, since I do go to college I have experienced the typical dorm beds. With that in mind I’m sure you know that those are in fact the worst mattresses known to be in existence; my mattress at home does trump that competition, but I will not say by much.

Once I put my mattress pad on that cumbersome mattress, however, it’s like a brand new experience which can put me to sleep in a matter of minutes and no longer hours. As a closing note I would have to give my Sealy mattress a rating of 1 measly, hardly-deserved, dimly-glowing yellow star out of five.

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