Restonic Airey Memory Foam Bed Is Heaven For My Back

by S. B.

Remember That You Will Spend Over 2000 hours On Your Mattress: Don't Cut Corners Because It Is Cheap. Almost a year ago I did something to my back and caused some vertebrae to shift and lock up. I thought it was just a muscle pull but after 6 months I finally went to the chiro to get it checked out. Sleeping was awful during this period and with a husband who works in the furniture business getting furniture at cost was a great idea at that moment.

With him knowing details about the mattresses we narrowed it down to a Restonic Airey memory foam or a Serta Icomfort. We went with the Airey because it was a little less and had more support to help with my back. The first night sleeping on it I could tell a huge difference. Instead of waking up 7-10 times I think it was only like 2- and thats because I had to pee.

It is extremely comfortable. I like memory foam but there are some that you just sink in and this mattress proved to be perfect! Like I said- I was searching for a mattress to help support my back injury. This mattress forms your body to not have your hips sitting too low or your shoulders dipping in- it keeps your back in natural alignment which I needed.

I would typically like it to be a little softer but at that moment I needed something more structured and firm. It's not too firm though when you crawl into the bed it forms around your body nicely. I don't consider this an issue but some might- the cover around the mattress is a soft fabric and if you dont have strong elastic sheets- the sheets tend to slide around. But that is literally the only complaint. We bought this mattress 4 months ago and have used it every night since.

It is holding up very well so far. With it not having springs the likely hood of it creating dips and craters is very low. If it does then they will replace it. The other awesome thing about this company is that it has a great warranty! Since we receive it at cost we paid 600 but the store sells it for 1000. I would tell people it was worth the store price - maybe even more! The mattress is a queen when we have children I may wish that we would have bought at king but at the moment I enjoy having the queen.

This is my first memory foam mattress I have used the egg crate covers before which I liked but this is heaven. I don't think I will ever go back to a regular mattress. I would give the mattress 5 stars because of all that it has done for me. Depending on finances and what is out there, Restonic is definitely on the list to consider. My husband knew all the details and he narrowed it to two and then we picked it out.

Something they tell customers is that a mattress you sleep on every night therefore you will want to invest in a good one. If you sleep 8 hours a night you are spending over 2000 hours in bed a year. You and your spouse are united in that bed. Families are made. I really encourage you to not cut corners when buying a mattress because you will regret it.

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