Restonic ChiroTonic, ChiroComfort Review

My mattress is a Restonic ChiroTonic, ChiroComfort and I would not purchase this particular mattress or brand of mattress again. It is more comfortable than other mattresses I have used in the past, but it no longer meets my chiropractic needs and I often wake up not feeling rested and with back pain.

When I purchased the mattress it was on sale and I received a bigger discount since I purchased my bed frame at the same time. The mattress was around $200, but it would have cost $400 or $500 if I had paid full price. Before purchasing the mattress, I slept on a pile of blankets for three months while trying to decide on the type of bed frame I wanted. I put little thought toward the quality of the mattress and did not want to spend an extra few hundred dollars since the bed frame was really expensive.

When I first purchased the mattress I would have given it four stars since it was better than not having a mattress. Now, I would give it two stars since it no longer meets my needs and is not the right mattress for my husband. We discussed getting a mattress topper, but toppers can be quite pricey and we plan on purchasing a Sleep Number bed over the next year. We realize now that our needs in a mattress will change through the years so this will influence our decision when we purchase a new mattress.

I am currently pregnant and need something less firm compared to before I was pregnant. After I have the baby I expect my needs to change again and hopefully I will find the mattress more comfortable.
My husband tends to move around a lot at night and I feel all the moments if I am not in a deep sleep. He stays asleep, but I am concerned that he just cannot get comfortable and doesn’t fall or stay in a deep sleep as long as he should. There are more factors that influence whether or not we receive a quality night’s rest and wake up refreshed.

The pillow we choose can make a huge difference in how comfortable we are when sleeping. We have an idea of what type of pillow we both need, but knowing exactly what type of pillow is best could influence our decision in a mattress. I assume the mattress causes my back pain, but my pillow could be contributing.

Other factors can determine our quality of sleep, so we are basing our judgments and opinions on our experience over four years. It is common and assumed that I will receive less quality sleep while pregnant, but my husband has remained consistent with a lack of quality of sleep over the past few years.

When we purchase our next mattress we will consider what our needs are in a mattress, the quality of materials it is made from, how long it will last, the cost and special discounts and the brand. Serta, Simmons and Beautyrest each carry a long history in providing high-quality and long-lasting mattresses.

We have looked at these mattresses, but the benefits do not outweigh the cost since we each have different needs and sleeping styles. Overall, it is important for us to understand our needs in a mattress and be more educated on the differences in mattresses before we make our next purchase.

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