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Restonic Grand Palais Mattress - A Royal Sleep for A Reasonable Price

The Restonic Grand Palais mattress is the Cadillac of the Restonic line. If you are interested in an inner spring mattress that is just a cut above the rest, read on to learn more about Restonic's Grand Palais mattress.

Restonic Mattresses

Restonic has been making inner spring mattresses for nearly sixty years. Their work on their inner spring ComfortCare line has won them numerous Consumers' Digest Best Buy awards.

In addition to their two lines of inner spring mattresses, Restonic also makes latex, memory foam, and even magnetic mattresses.

You'll find that all Restonic mattresses are approximately 10% cheaper than a comparably made competitor.

This savings makes the brand worth checking out every time. In this case the Restonic Grand Palais mattress would be in competition with Sealy Posturepedic Signature mattresses or the Serta Vera Wang mattress.

Features of the Restonic Grand Palais Mattress

The Restonic Grand Palais mattress is an inner spring mattress. This means that its support system comes from steel coils that are dispersed throughout the mattress.

One of the features of Grand Palais coil springs is that they are cast at super heated temperatures. They actually reach 600 degrees before they are cooled.

At this heat the steel is tempered to the point where it will not lose its shape, even after years of use.

Another point to mention about the coils of the Grand Palais is that each of them is individually wrapped in cloth pockets. The popular pocket coil system reduces motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

This means that your sleep should remain undisturbed even if your partner moves.

The coils of the Restonic Grand Palais mattress are not only made in a special way, but they are also laid out in a special way. This mattress has the most support in the middle third of your body, where most of your weight is.

By distributing the coils in the fashion the most supportive part of the bed is where you need it most.

The edges of the Grand Palais can also withstand significant weight. That is because the mattress is wrapped in high-density foam.

This not only helps the frame of the coils to stay in place, but it also adds extra support to the edge of the bed, especially when you are sitting on it.

What Consumers are Saying About the Restonic Grand Palais Mattress

The first impression that consumers have when they receive their Restonic Grand Palais mattress is very good. They like the designer fabric that covers the mattress and the soft support that it gives them throughout the night.

Many people also like the idea of the double-sided pillow top. This means that you can flip your Grand Palais mattress over without losing your pillow top cushioning.

However, you may need to buy extra deep-pocket sheets for this feature.
There is some concern that the Grand Palais starts to break down after some time.

This happens to all inner spring mattresses. As long as you rotate and flip your mattress regularly this problem should be minimized.

This mattress is just a cut above most other coil mattresses, but is not in the same league as more expensive beds.

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