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Restonic Mattress Reviews - Good Value for Your Money with Restonic Mattresses

The Restonic mattress reviews on this page cover three collections of Restonic beds: ComfortCare, Grand Palais and Healthrest.

Restonic beds were first produced back in 1938 with a patented construction technique that eventually became the brand's trademark "Marvelous Middle" construction, which kept sleeping partners from gravitating to a dip in the center of the mattress.

Restonic beds have won a record seven awards as a Consumer Digest Best Buy for mattresses. In 2005, Restonic was the first mattress brand to pass Underwriter's Laboratory's strict standards for flammability compliance.

Three popular lines of Restonic mattresses include ComfortCare, Grand Palais, and HealthRest. Restonic mattress reviews are generally positive, often mentioning the reasonable cost.

Restonic is overall a reputable brand that has good prices. Mattress experts suggest that Restonic mattresses are a good choice as far as getting the most for your money.

This brand has more choices than one might expect from a company of its size. It is not a big name like Sealy, Serta, and Simmons, but still offers a fairly wide range of choices.

They offer inner spring, memory foam, latex, and air mattresses. Overall, prices range from $900 to $1,500, generally less than comparable big brand name models.

Restonic Mattress Review: ComfortCare

The ComfortCare line of Restonic mattresses is the core of the business, making the most sales.

While memory foam and latex mattresses have become more popular in recent years, most people are used to inner spring mattresses, and so that's what they choose most.

The claim to fame of the ComfortCare line is that there are more coils in the center, giving the sleeper extra support. This is a feature that top quality mattresses have. In addition, the inner spring models are edged with higher density foam.

You may not notice this unless you sit on the edge of your bed, or if you tend to regularly roll off.

ComfortCare mattresses come in different levels of firmness, offering you the choice of Firm, Plush, and EuroTop (firmest to softest).

Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are competitors to the Restonic ComfortCare mattress line. Posturepedic has been rated higher in durability and quality, but Restonic costs less.

If you prefer a firm mattress and aren't a particularly large person, you should do just fine with a Restonic bed.

The Restonic, like the inner spring mattresses you'd compare it to, has SpiraLok technology, which is the way the coils are arranged so that motion transfer is reduced.

However, neither the Restonic mattress nor its inner spring competitors can prevent all motion transfer.

Restonic Mattress Review: Grand Palais Collection

This line of Restonic mattresses features individually wrapped coils that have been tempered electronically at 600 degrees.

Coils created in this manner are superior in durability to other bed springs and regain their original shape again and again. Partner disturbance and rolling together is minimized by the design of this type of spring system.

These models come equipped with posturized zoning for customized support in the head and shoulder, lumbar and leg zones.

Also, extra support is provided in the center of the mattress, where most of you body weight rests. The advanced edge support, known as SuperEdge Plus, maintains the integrity of the mattress edges for sitting, while creating a full sleeping surface.

The Grand Palais collection is comparable to other inner spring mattresses. Most consumers who have purchased one of these sets seem quite satisfied.

Restonic mattress reviews have revealed that these models require regular flipping and rotation to maintain their support and to minimize sagging.

Restonic Mattress Review: Healthrest Latex

Like all the big players, Restonic mattresses come in latex, most of which are 6.5 inches thick.

This is considered the ideal thickness for latex mattresses since more is not necessary, and less would not hold up well enough. Restonic offers your choice of padding layer on your latex mattress.

Restonic uses the same latex material that the big brands use, made by Latex Foam International, so there is no difference between the materials making up a Restonic, Sealy, or Serta mattress.

Again, because Restonic is one of the smaller mattress companies, you get a better price on the Healthrest latex series of Restonic mattresses than you would with Serta or Sealy, though Restonic mattress reviews from consumers reveal they are similar in terms of quality.

So if you're deciding between other brands and a Restonic latex mattress, you can be safe in using price as your guide.

Healthrest Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are the other big new trend, and Restonic makes this kind of mattress too, in their therapeutic HealthRest line.

Fortunately, Restonic memory foam mattresses are not the low-quality type that sag soon after purchase. These Restonic beds have a base made of high density foam, topped with a middle layer made of convoluted foam, and a final top layer made of memory foam.

Restonic mattress reviews of the Healthrest collection indicate that they tend to be on the soft side, which could be considered good or bad, depending on taste.

They are also prone to develop depressions, but that is something that seems to be common to all but the few top rated memory foam mattress brands.

Restonic also makes a Healthrest Magnetic mattress that contains concentric magnets from Bioflex, a medical magnet maker. Bioflex claims that their magnets were proven to relieve pain in a double blind experiment at Baylor College of Medicine.

They are, according to Restonic, "strategically placed to assist the body's natural metabolism to restore good health and vitality".

This mattress also helps you reach Delta Level sleep, where the restorative process takes place." Restonic says that delta stage sleep is uncommon after age 40. People who have pacemakers, internal defibrillators, and insulin pumps are advised to avoid using products with magnets, such as this mattress.

The Restonic Healthrest mattress line includes memory foam mattresses that have a 6.5 inch core, and 3.5 to 4.5 inches of mattress topper made of visco memory foam. These are recommended levels of these types of foam suitable for comfortable sleep.

These Restonic mattresses are comparable to the Serta True Response memory foam mattresses and the TrueForm memory foam mattress from Sealy.

As with the latex mattresses, mattress experts and our reviews indicate that you're safe choosing among these three based on price because their quality is comparable.

Restonic is not as well-known as the big mattress brands but they make comparable products. They manage to beat the big brands on price, possibly because of lower advertising expenditures.

Three quality lines found in our Restonic mattress reviews are the traditional inner spring ComfortCare line, Grand Palais and the latex, magnetic and memory foam HealthRest line. They are worth a look if you were considering one of the big name brand mattresses.

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