I Highly Recommend the Sultan Havberg Mattress

by Maura M.

About 9 months ago when I moved away from home, I was just out of college and living the “broke college kid” life. I had a very small budget and needing a mattress, I was looking for something comfortable and affordable that I could get some years out of. I had previously flipped through a neighbors IKEA sales catalog and the name stuck in my head; I thus began my research.

My criteria was based on price, durability, and stability (also something that wouldn’t be too heavy to tote around). Price was important because I was on a budget, durability was important because who wants to buy something they need to replace a year or so down the road, and stability was important because I’m a fitness fanatic and I needed something that would be firm, and support my back.

I eventually settled on the Sultan Havberg mattress. It was within my specified criteria and I couldn’t be happier! I chose the queen sized mattress and I think I paid around $160 for it, maybe a little less. It had a 25-year warranty on it, seemed very firm in its structure, and couldn’t have weighed more than 40lbs.

This is the first mattress I’ve purchased on my own so I can’t exactly compare it too much to others, but this is definitely the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on! The mattress provides the perfect amount of firmness for my back and I have slept the whole way through the night, every night, even after my most intensive workouts, and have not woken up with the normal neck and back stiffness the next day.

I have had this mattress now for about 9 months and I swear it hasn’t changed in quality at all; it still feels new to me every time I climb into bed; I have a very strong feeling it’s going to outlast the 25-year warranty. I am definitely giving the Sultan Havberg mattress a 5-Star rating all around (5 stars on comfort, 5 stars on quality, and 5 stars on price); I have no remorse with my purchase whatsoever!

Years down the road, if the time comes to purchase another mattress, I’m definitely going to go with this one, or at least another IKEA mattress that is similar in quality (if the Sultan Havberg isn’t made available anymore). If you're looking for a firm mattress at a great price, I highly recommend this one; I have not slept better in years!

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Dec 06, 2016
Sturdy Mattress
by: Anonymous

I visited my son and he gave me his bed and I am ready to get this mattress! Loved the firmness, evenness and support. He has had this for 3 years and it's still in excellent condition

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IKEA Sultan Havberg Mattress Review

by K.Z.

I own and sleep on the Ikea Sultan Havberg. I have a full size mattress that I purchased as a college student. While this was a college purchase, I have kept the mattress as it is very comfortable and has held up extremely well for me.

It provides good back support. I have scoliosis and often have issues sleeping on mattresses that do not provide good, sound support for my back. This model, however, has never given me any issue. I sleep soundly.

The only thing I didn't like when looking to buy this mattress was the lack of size options. This mattress does not come in a King. I had a King frame at home that I wished to use and was unable to do so. I had to buy new furniture to accomodate a smaller bed, but it was woth it to get the mattress I wanted.

I have now used the mattress for two years and I am extremely pleased. When I bought the matterss, it was very affordable. To the best of my memory, I believe it was around $130.00. This is very cheap for a mattress, and yet it has held up remarkably. It is well worth the price.

At my parents' house, I have slept on Serta and Simmons mattresses that have not been nearly as comfortable. With my back issues, I was concerned about buying a cheap mattress but I am so pleased with this purchase. I would rate this mattress five stars, but the lack of size options forces me to give this a four star rating. Should IKEA ever choose to offer a King size option for this particular model, I would easily rate this a five star mattress.

The mattress is comfortable, affordable, and light weight enough to move easily (which is important to me as I often move from place to place, especially as I transition out of college into the working world). I would be interested to see if IKEA ever chooses to do a memory foam option on this bed as I think that would greatly add to this mattress.

Overall though, you would be hard pressed to find any comparable mattresses in this price range. This is a great mattress for a great price! I rate it highly!

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Sultan Havberg is a perfectly acceptable mattress for a good price

by Johnny M.

I move more frequently than most people, so a good, light mattress is a real plus for me. the Sultan Havberg is light enough, that I can move it my full mattress alone, without much difficulty. This is a real plus for me. On the comfort side, the SM is pretty passable. I have never had lost sleep because of this mattress.

I could understand why someone might want more comfort from a mattress, but for me it is perfectly acceptable. For those looking for a soft mattress, this is not for you. Steel springs, combined with the overall thinness of the mattress, make for a firm nights sleep. I am more of a back sleeper, so this is fine on my end. But if you prefer to sleep on your side, I would not be surprised if you woke up with some soreness after a while.

Now, we all know that Ikea furniture is cheaper for a reason. The stuff looks great, but the quality of material is often low. Chip board tables tend to fall apart, before you can even get them fully assembled. That being said, I am very pleased with the solid construction of my SM. It has gotten me through one, very aggressive, girlfriend and I see/feel very little wear and tear. The steel springs have kept the SM firm and even. There is no “valley” in the middle and the upholstery has held up quite well.

The bottom line is: if I could afford a better mattress, I would buy one. However, I feel as though I have gotten a great value out of my Sultan Havberg. Right now it is retailing for 139 dollars; I would say that is a great value. If you are a college student, who needs to move every other semester, or you are just on a tight budget in general, I would highly recommend this mattress.

If you are in search of a very high quality, or softer mattress, I would not recommend this mattress. You are going to have to pay a significantly higher price, to get your pillow top though and good luck getting it up and down the stairs! Overall, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Solid construction, easy portability, and a good price point make this mattress a great value. Not a good buy for those who need the highest quality mattress.

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Definitely Recommend The Full Size Sultan Havberg Mattress

by Ann H.

I have a full size Sultan Havberg mattress. I used to have a queen sized mattress but after moving into my new apartment I decided to downsize. It is a pretty firm mattress, which I usually like more than softer mattresses. I sleep pretty well on it. I have back issues and tend to wake up a few times to get comfortable every night.

Since I purchased this mattress I seem to be waking up a tad less than I did before with my older mattresses. I still sleep with a pillow between my knees in an attempt to keep my spine straight; I would do that with any mattress though. I also hold a pillow in arms for the same reason.

The Sultan Havberg mattress is comparable to my old memory foam mattress, I had for a little over five years. It has a similar firmness to a memory foam mattress. The mattress provides pretty good back support, which is very important to me. The mattress does not have any real problems I have found. The only slight issue is I cannot get up without waking up my boyfriend. This could be because it is slightly softer than my old mattress or just that it is smaller.

I bought the mattress at the downtown Tampa Ikea location about four months ago while purchasing new bathroom and kitchen towels and soap dispensers for my new apartment. I kept my box spring from my old mattress but I purchased three sets of sheets and pillow cases from Ikea on that trip to the store as well.

The Sultan Havberg is holding up pretty well so far, though I have not owned it for very long yet. The mattress cost about $140 and it was definitely worth the low price. My old mattress cost five times as much and I sleep just as well on my Ikea mattress. I would give it 4 stars overall. I sleep very well but think I think anything can be improved upon.

I would probably buy the mattress again, or try another Ikea mattress. There is no other particular mattress I would prefer to own. I would definitely recommend the mattress to more friends. I already recommended that my little brother, who is still in college get the Sultan Havberg mattress, because of it’s price and quality or check out the other options Ikea has to offer.

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Sultan Havberg Is A Welcome Addition

by Erica C.
(New York, NY)

I purchased my Havberg mattress 2 years ago for my bedroom (and then a year later for our daughter) in the queen size (and double size) for around $130 and it is comfortable enough for the price.

We went to the Ikea store and tested out all of the other options, our budget was up to $250 and we found that this was the best option for price versus quality. I do find that prolonged time in bed is not the most comfortable, but that for just your 8 hours that you will enjoy your time. The other thing is it is quite a firm mattress, so if you enjoy more plush mattresses it might not be the right find for you (we purchased the same mattress for our daughter a year later and also got her a cheap mattress topper from Target, and she says it is the perfect amount of plush now).

It is not the best night sleep on a mattress that I have ever had, but for the price it works well for me for now. It has however held up very well! I have purchased many other products from Ikea and have often found the quality to be subpar versus price however this mattress has held up incredibly well.

The only thing I would note is when it first arrived there was a strong odor associated with it that we found quite hard to get rid of. We ended up leaving it on the porch for a day or two in order to disperse the smell and spraying it a little, but after that it was fine.

I would rate it 4 stars/5. I am looking forward to upgrading to a more expensive mattress in a year or 2, but if your price range is on the cheaper side this is a great mattress to consider. It looks great with our Hemnes purchased bed frame (also from Ikea), we were a bit worried that the mattress would not look quite right, or stand tall enough, against the bed frame, but it ends up working perfectly!

You can’t expect it to be on the same level as a $3,000 dollar mattresses, with fancy features, but in comparison to many similarly priced options from Ikea, I would say it is the clear winner and would be a welcome addition to your home. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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