Review Of My Kingsdown Crown Marquis Luxury Box Top Mattress, Queen Size

by Jay
(New York)

We sleep on a Kingsdown Crown Marquis Luxury Box Top Mattress, queen size. The bed is very comfortable. Firm and good support yet has a plush top. We purchased the mattress from a Sleepy's in NYC.

We had never heard of the brand before stepping in the store. Initially we were planning on buying a Stearns and Foster. After spending time on both, we decided to splurge on the Kingsdown, hoping that we would use the mattress for the next 20 years.

The cost including boxsprings and a mattress cover came out to around $3500. Again, this was much more than we expected to spend but we did find the bed very comfortable in the showroom.

We've had the bed for roughly 6 years now. I would say that in general we've been satisfied with the product. My only complaint would be the bed has begun to sag slightly.

Visually you don't notice it, but when lying down you can definitely feel the impression. In terms of comfort of sleep, i haven't noticed any degradation as a result, but the sagging has been a little disappointing given the cost of the mattress.

In addition, we are fairly petite, 160lbs and 120lbs. Not sure if the problem would be materially worse with a heavier person. We still get a good nights sleep so we still love the best, but just didn't expect that type of problem.

This is clearly the best bed we've owned, but we haven't owned any other high end brands so it's difficult to compare this bed to a Stearns and Foster for instance.

Would i buy the mattress again? Probably not. It's a comfortable bed, but I'm not sold that you can't get as good of a nights sleep as a bed that costs half as much. Perhaps it will wear better than other less costly brands so ends up being worth the price, but as of right now it's hard to say.

Overall, I would rate the bed 4 (very good) for comfort, and perhaps 2 (fair) for value.

Couple of side notes. the bed is very heavy so moving it is a terrible ordeal. The mattress is also very thick so we opted for the low profile boxsprings. Otherwise the bed felt way too high for us. The warranty is very detailed (ie lots of caveats), so read the fine print.

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