Sleep Number p6 Bed Review

by J. S.

We purchased a Select Comfort p6 sleep number bed about three years ago, and have been thrilled with it so far.

My husband and I have gone through three mattress sets in the past ten years. The first two were horrible mattresses, but they have gotten progressively better since the purchase of our first set. Our third mattress set has been absolutely wonderful so far.

When we were in the market for our new mattress set, we originally set a price of $1000 for a queen-sized set. We figured we could get a good quality queen set for that price, and there actually were some wonderful mattresses on the market for that price.

On a whim, we decided to try out the Sleep Number bed one day when we were at the mall. We had heard about them in the past, but were extremely skeptical about them.

We went into the store, and we were given a demonstration by finding our exact sleep numbers.
We were asked individually to lie down on a specialized device which showed pressure points on the mattress. The firmness was set at 100, and then the salesperson began taking the firmness down.

When we felt no pressure on different points, we gave the word, and were able to look at our body maps on a computer screen.

It was amazing the difference we felt in our shoulders, hips, and necks. We were still a bit skeptical until the salesperson asked my husband if he had a recent shoulder injury.

He had, in fact, hurt his shoulder a couple of days prior, and the body map of the pressure points picked up the inflammation in his shoulder. We were sold at that point.

While the bed was far outside of our $1000 budget, it came with a lifetime warranty. We figured we had spent about double that price over the past ten years on new mattresses, and if the Sleep Number bed came with a lifetime warranty, we would make up for the extra money within a few years’ time.

When all was said and done, after taxes, and delivery charge, we paid around $2600 for our new bed.

Three years later, the bed is still just as comfortable as the day we bought it. I have never had a better night’s sleep as I have had on my Sleep Number bed. It truly does eliminate pressure points on your body.

On a traditional inner spring mattress, I woke up frequently with back and neck pain. I would wake up throughout the night because I was very uncomfortable. Now, I sleep more soundly than I ever have.

There are times when I find I have been in the same position all night without moving because I haven’t had to move around to readjust for a pressure point.

The only complaint I have about the bed is if you lay in the middle, you can feel the difference between one side and the other of the bed. Since each side is individually adjustable for my husband and I, there is a section in the center of the bed which can be uncomfortable.

I don’t often sleep dead center, so it’s not a huge deal, but there have been a few times when I have felt like spreading out, and the hump in the center was uncomfortable.

Whenever I hear somebody talking about getting a new mattress or bed, I always highly recommend the sleep number bed from Select Comfort. I don’t think there is a better mattress on the market, and I have never known anybody to be dissatisfied with the product once they get it home. I would definitely give my Sleep Number mattress five stars out of five!

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I Recommend the Performance Series p6 Sleep Number Bed

by Caitlin J.

I currently sleep in a performance series p6 Sleep Number queen size bed. Out of all of the mattresses that I have previously owned, this Sleep Number bed is most definitely the most comfortable. I love the fact that you can adjust the firmness with a remote.

Unlike older models of Sleep Number beds, the p6 has a wireless remote that is easier to use and more convenient because it is not wired to the side of the bed. The firmness can be adjusted differently on each side, which is convenient because my husband and I like different levels of firmness.

Although the p6 is soft, it does provide really good back support and I never have had a backache after napping or sleeping on the bed. The bed provides the perfect amount of support, and unlike most beds it is not too firm or too soft. The perfect amount of pressure is due to the fact that the mattress includes plush foam and comfort zone layers.

I have owned this particular bed for almost two years, and it still seems as if it is brand new. There is no wear or weakening of the support of the bed, and is still as comfortable as day one of sleeping in the bed. There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about this bed, especially compared to my previous beds. I decided to buy this particular mattress because I have had back problems in the past and it was hard for me to sleep.

Now that I have this mattress that provides full support and comfortableness, I will never go back to another brand of mattress. I would give this bed a four star rating because it accomplishes everything that I need in a mattress to achieve a great sleep. The only reason why I would not give this mattress a five star rating is due to the pricing.

When I purchased my mattress around two years ago, I paid $2,600.00, and this was the sale price. Although I never anticipated spending that much money on a mattress, it was definitely worth it because I no longer have trouble sleeping and I know that the mattress will last a long time.

In addition, the mattress comes with a warranty, which is extremely reassuring and useful although I have had no problems with the mattress so far. Although the price is very steep for Sleep Number beds, it is worth the price and I would purchase the same mattress again.

I would especially recommend the p6 model to people who have a hard time sleeping and need the perfect amount of both firmness and softness. The mattress is perfect for people who do not like a hard mattress, but also do not want to feel as though they are sinking into a bed. In addition, I would also recommend the bed to couples that like different amounts of firmness on each side of the bed.

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Sleep Number Performance Series p6 Bed Is Great!

by Sara H.

I currently have a Sleep number bed Performance series p6 in a Queen size. While mattress shopping I researched many brands and found this mattress met my needs, which focused on back support. I currently work at least four long twelve hour shifts on my feet which consists of a lot of lifting. Many days I come home with back pain and wake up feeling even worse. I needed a mattress to help alleviate some of this pain. Once I read about the Performance series I knew it was perfect for me and I wish I bought it sooner.

I went to a local mall to try out different Sleep number mattresses in case there was a better fit. Once I laid on this mattress, I instantly knew it was the one. I felt like Sleeping Beauty on the mattress and even had to hold myself back from taking a quick nap. The price I paid was well worth the relief it has given me. I feel like it was even a steal for how great it is.

I would definitely buy this mattress again. I am hoping to buy one for my athletic teenager to prevent/help any future injuries. I would rate it excellent with 5 stars; if possible I would give it ten stars! I find it extremely comfortable to sleep on.

After going to sleep I wake up completely energized with my back feeling fantastic! This mattress has helped relieve my back pain more then I imagined possible. I have been sleeping on this mattress for a little over six months and would never go back to my previous Sealy mattress. This mattress is not too firm or not too soft. It is the perfect mattress.

At first I felt it may feel on the firm side but you can adjust settings and find your preference. My partner and I are able to adjust the pressure to our comfort, so on days when I feel like I need more pressure this is a treat. There is a cooling sleep surface to the mattress that makes the temperature ideal for sleeping. He becomes warm easily while I prefer to sleep with many blankets.

In winter with the heat on, he does not wake up feeling too warm like on our previous mattress. I can put multiple blankets on and never wake up feeling hot or sweaty. It is a great feature to have in a mattress that I never thought would make a difference. This mattress feels like sleeping on a cloud that is hugging you. It is a great investment and definitely worth the purchase!

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Not Thrilled With My Sleep number P6

by Lynn

Owned for less than a year. Found moisture accumulates on the air mattress itself, reading reviews elsewhere I am hoping further problems will not occur with the accumulation.
Topper bunches up, sort of rolls, and on firm settings feels like rocks after a time. We are constantly trying to "fluff" it up and remove ultra "firm"" or hard spots.

Cal King ,dual air, one remote, center of bed is very uncomfortable. At times sleep number reads that it decreased air or firmness but fells very firm, I have actually increased number, once, to hear it release air.I increase number until I hear pump come on and feel air increase and then I decrease number slowly making sure each step I hear air decrease or release. Pump is audible.

Remote does a weird thing fairly often numbers just drop-rapidly, bed does not deflate with the number decline, but I have to take out batteries and reinsert then it resets.
Bed can feel uncomfortably warm with protective cover over the topper.
All in all not thrilled with bed .Would not buy again.

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Sleep Number P6: Iffy Mattress, Disgraceful Policies--and you’re out $360 if you return it

by Deb
(Gainesville, Florida)

My mattress: less than 12 inches

My mattress: less than 12 inches

My mattress: less than 12 inches
My Mattress: less than 12 inches
My mattress: tubes that make sheets fit badly

I bought a P6 (about $2900, all told). Based on a 2-hour store visit and the small sample-mattress (the store didn’t have a P6 floor model when I shopped), I WAS LED TO BELIEVE I would get a 12-inch deep mattress with adequate padding for comfy side sleeping.

Instead, I got--

- A mattress that’s only 10-11 inches deep.

- Shoulder pain from side sleeping (inadequate padding).

- Tubes sticking out of the mattress, so sheets don’t fit tightly.

(1) Failing to deliver beds that are as high quality as company advertises.

(2) Delivery + return fees ($360): customers who finance the bed and can't afford to lose $360 might feel stuck keeping a substandard bed--does the company count on that?

(3) Refusing to let customers return beds to local store (instead charging $180 return fee).

(4) Hiding from customers who received substandard bed (customer service would not give me a manager's email or phone #).

I think the company breached our contract by delivering a mattress of lower quality than the company had represented it would be.

I asked the company to “make me whole” (as though the transaction had never occurred)—by refunding the delivery fee, purchase price, and tax and by waiving the return fee.

The Company insisted that I’m still on the hook for the $180 delivery fee and the $180 return fee. The customer service script: “You signed a contract . . . .”

I’ve reviewed Florida Statutes (UCC, breach of express and implied warranties) and will probably go to court if the company doesn't voluntarily refund both the delivery and return fees.

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