Slumber 1 8 Inch Mattress in a Box Review

by Anne Y.
(Albany, OH)

The Slumber 1 8 inch Mattress in a Box was a decent purchase when we purchased it. We have been using it for just over two years now. We purchased it from our local Wal-Mart for about $200. I was hesitant at first because the mattress was scrunched up into a small, but very portable, box.

Transport was a breeze because the box itself came with wheels so no heavy lifting. Despite being crunched into a tiny box, we were pleasantly surprised at the set-up because it expanded on its own. Just don’t wait till bedtime because it can take a while to completely expand.

Also, a deodorizing spray is recommended as it had a chemical smell out of the box probably from the factory.

Its lightweight portability was a definite plus for us at the time because we moved quite a bit for a while. The manufacturer advertises it as being firm, which we did not find to be the case. I suspect that the same mechanics that made it collapse into a small box were to blame.

After some time, it did seem to get more uncomfortable as springs seemed to collapse. This problem was fixed with an 8” memory foam mattress topper. Still, it would be nice if the mattress itself was comfortable in its own right. For the price, however, this mattress was a good temporary fix when we had little money and the needed to move. This mattress would be great for a guest bedroom where it is not in every night use, as I suspect it is probably
meant for.

In comparison with other beds, this mattress has its strengths and weaknesses in comparison. It is super lightweight. If you have need for something like that, it can be definitely worth the purchase. However, if you want a nightly good night’s sleep, I don’t recommend this for any long-term solution.

Once we purchase another mattress, this one will probably be retired for camping uses. I will say that despite tossing and turning, my partner and I don’t feel each other move around too much on it. As advertised, the springs are individual coils to help with this little issue. This mattress does not require a box spring and they sell special frames for them for a decent price.

My husband, be a crafty guy, built a custom bed around this mattress. With a five year manufacturer warranty attached to the mattress, it is definitely worth trying out if you are broke and not sure about if you will like it.

If I had to do it over again, I think I might have risked the heavy lifting and gotten a slightly better mattress. Big Lots usually has some for about $350 and by the time I purchased this mattress and the mattress topper, I spent about that. However, if I was purchasing for camping needs or a guest room, I would definitely purchase this mattress again.

If I had to give this mattress a star rating, I would say three out of five as it is definitely no Euro-top but can be just the mattress you need if you’re in the right marketing niche.

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Mar 20, 2015
Dangerous/Buyer Beware
by: Anonymous

Received mine today. Needed it for a kids daybed. On the side of the box it said (in large letters) WARNING: Urathene foam is flammable! It went on to say, in a very long discription, that it is very flammable and if does catch on fire will burn very quickly.
Are you kidding! Yes I want this in my house. NOT!!! Not to mention the fumes from Urethane. None of this was in the discription on Wal-Mart's web site.
Its also from China.

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Slumber 1 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

by Brittany

So far I have enjoyed my Slumber 1 8 inch memory foam mattress that I have purchased. I have not had too many issues with it (which I will describe later). There are several things that I have enjoyed about this product: The first being the price in which it was bought. It was relatively inexpensive and could have been purchased online for a great price as well.

In comparison to my other mattress, this is easy to flip to avoid having a “spot” develop where my body will be. The previous mattresses have been too heavy and I have needed support. Also, it was easy to transport from my truck to the apartment. It did not require many people to lift.

In terms of back support, the mattress has been great for my back. The first few days were an adjustment, and I was not sure if I would like the memory foam as I had anticipated. However, throughout having the mattress, I have adjusted well and I can feel that it supports in the areas I was having difficulty.

In comparison to other memory foam mattresses, I think this one is a bit too soft in some areas. I feel that where my feet are that it is firm and around my neck it is just right, my hips seem to give a little and that is where I was experiencing the discomfort initially. I have not had any problems as aforementioned, with my hips or back after a few weeks and it may have been the adjustment to a memory foam, a mattress I had not used previously.

Sometimes I feel like the material is cheap and could split or after several years of having the foam that I will need to purchase a new one.

I bought mattress at Wal-mart and have used it approximately about a year and two months. The product is holding up well and I have not had any issues yet with the material tearing or becoming dirty. It cost me over $150.

Currently the size of my bed is a twin size and the mattress fits well. If I were to change, it would not be for some time and I would go to a Queen and if I could afford the frame- a King.

In comparisons to other beds, I would give this about a 6, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. The reason I give it a six is because it was a great price, but I do feel like after a few years I will need to buy another due to the foam and material.

I would give the mattress three stars. I do not think I would buy the same model, perhaps the same brand because I do hear a lot of good things about the brand. I have had a Slumber before this purchased one.

I did a lot of research but ended up going on something that I had not researched at all. The reason being the time and place and money that I had. I had help that day to bring in the mattress and yet we did not have time to go to a bigger mattress reality to purchase the mattress I wanted initially.

I wanted a Temper-Pedic at first. This may be a brand I will purchase in the future. I know I purchased this mattress on a whim and did not purchase the one that I was initially interested in. However, overall I am pleased and would recommend a memory foam to many individuals. I hope the memory foam last a while and I continue to be impressed with the back support despite having some difficulties in the beginning.

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May 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

the beds in most campers are no good. back aches etc we ordered on from Walmart will up date when it arrives

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