Sears-o-pedic Mattress Review

by Craig
(Vancouver, Canada)

I sleep on a Sears Sears-o-pedic Cameo III 1879B Mattress. The mattress is a few years old now, and was a discount model. I bought the mattress at a local Sears in 2008 or 2009.

I have been using it daily now for almost three years. I bought the mattress for approximately $200, making it an affordable mattress. I would certainly buy this same mattress, were I in a hard financial situation again. The mattress was easily worth the money I paid for it, but if you have the money for a more luxury mattress I would suggest going for the fancier product.

This mattress is by no means uncomfortable, but it is not luxurious either. The mattress is reasonably comfortable. A three out of five on the comfort scale. I liked the layer of foam padding above the springs, this helped to prevent the springs from digging in my flesh. I also liked that I was able to afford it while making very little money.

The mattress has survived well through several moves in the past few years, and is only now beginning to fray at the edges. Unfortunately after having used the mattress continually for almost four years now the foam layer has all but worn away completely. The springs now dig into my ribs when I sleep and cause aches and pains in the morning. This is the only noticeable flaw with the mattress, a layer of foam that wears out in a few years, and springs that are a little bit too harsh.

The mattress is also a bit on the heavy side for some reason. Most of the other mattresses I've owned in my life were fairly light and easy to move. This one however weighs a bit more than is reasonable and doesn't have a very good 'flex' making it hard to move up and down stairs, or in and out of awkward apartment doors.

Overall I would rate the mattress a three out of five. It is a solidly built and reliable mattress. It isn't uncomfortable, but it isn't very comfortable either. It has a few flaws, but replacing the foam padding or buying an additional foam topper will resolve those issues easily.

It isn't a great luxury mattress, nor is it a particularly cheap mattress. If you need a new, cheap, reliable mattress, I recommend this one.

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Sears-O-Pedic 'Ava' Integrated Coil Series.

by Jen
(Toronto, ON.)

With much reluctance I decided that it was in fact time for me to get rid of my old mattress which had been giving me back problems for the last 6 months or so.

When considering this new purchase there were two important factors 1) Affordability 2) Good support for my back. I am a light sleeper who gets very grumpy if I don't get enough shut eye!

I friend recommended the Sears-o-pedic line so I decided to head down to my local Sears. After testing out a number of their mattresses I actually ended up buying the 'Ava' model. I liked the support it gave to my lower back and the fact that it was on sale was a bonus! Bought it for $350!

I've been sleeping on it for two weeks now and I must say the difference between this and my old mattress is HUGE! I sleep through the night and wake up with no more bad aches!

To summarise:

Am I happy with my purchase? Yes!
Would I recommend it to others? Yes!

5 stars!

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