Tempur-Contour Elite Bed

by Geno S.
(Detriot, MI)

I own a Tempur-Contour elite bed. It is very comfortable to sleep on, and has the right amount of firmness to support my body while I am sleeping. When I had a spring mattress, I would toss and turn, and wake up many times throughout the night feeling uncomfortable. I also had problems getting comfortable enough to fall asleep.

With this Tempurpedic mattress, I fall asleep very quickly, and more importantly, I stay asleep throughout the night. When I wake up, I feel refreshed and alive, whereas with the spring mattress, I felt drained and tired when I woke up each day. The mattress provides excellent back support, and takes pressure off of the pressure points that usually hurt when I would sleep on a spring mattress.

I bought the mattress in a king size about 2 years ago, and although it was expensive for me at the time (around $2000), I knew it would be a good investment because I spend 1/3 of my life laying on my bed. The only issue I have with this mattress is that it retains heat, which can be uncomfortable in the summer months. But, I have gotten around this issue by using more fans to circulate air in my room. In the winter months, it is an excellent mattress to sleep on.

The mattress is very durable, and is holding up well without any significant sagging. When I read online reviews of this mattress before I purchased it, I was concerned about some users reporting sagging after a few years, but so far, my mattress has held up excellently. For comfort, quality, and price, I would give this mattress 4 stars, and the reason that I don’t give it 5 stars is because I know that there are better mattresses out there in the Tempurpedic brand, but they are more expensive and out of my price range.

If I had it to do over again, I would definitely purchase this mattress because of the comfort it has given me over the last 2 years. I plan on buying another mattress within the next 6-8 years once this mattress begins to get a little older, and I definitely plan on purchasing another Tempurpedic model—probably one that is a little more expensive. I know that this mattress is worth the investment, because I have been rewarded with a high quality of sleep and restfulness that makes me feel good every morning that I wake up.

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TEMPUR-Contour Elite Is Cool and Comfortable

by Louis M.

I own a TEMPUR-Contour Elite king size mattress. It is one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on. I’ve had it for about 2 years and it is still as comfortable today as it was when it was brand new. In the past I have had to deal with a break-in period. It would take me awhile to get used to a bed, however with the TEMPUR-Contour Elite, I was sleeping good by the second night.

I was hesitant to get the bed because it was more expensive than other beds of the same size. In fact it was A LOT more expensive than all the other beds we tried out. However it has been totally worth it for us. My wife sleeps on her back and I sleep on my side and both of us have no issues with this bed. I will say that it is high off the ground. I have to get a little bit of a running start to get in bad and I kinda hop out in the morning.

As far as romance goes, this thing takes a little getting used to. It sort of sucks you in and makes the back-and-forth strange. I guess it’s a good thing cause now we can enjoy other rooms of the house. I mean its fine in this bed, but due to the sticky, glue like hold it takes on you (which makes it so comfy) it does make it odd. If this is a deal breaker you should probably figure out different positions and mix things up a bit.

As far as the size. This sucker is huge. It was quite a job getting it up our staircase, but it’s flexible enough to move in and out of doorway with relative ease. I would recommend getting a coulpe guys on it though.

One thing I forgot to mention was just how cool it stays. If you sweat a lot at night, this thing will be a help, because it seems to stay cool(ish) it’s never cold or anything, and it’s not too cool in the winter either, but the fabric does seem to have some type of heat reducer on it. Also be prepared that it will smell a little bit when it is new. Not sure what that was about and it went away, but it was annoying. Also my 5 cats love this thing.

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My Tempur-Pedic contour elite bed

by Stephanie R.
(New York)

I sleep on the Tempur pedic contour elite bed with my partner. It is extremely comfortable and firm. We are so glad we purchased this bed because the bed beforehand was about 10 years old. You can imagine how that bed felt! I am a huge fan of soft beds, so I was a little nervous purchasing this bed, but I read many reviews and they said it does get softer over time. I know this model is a great choice for me.

Even though it is softer than when we purchased it a few months ago, my back does not hurt at all after sleeping on it. It definitely has back support because with my prior mattress I was experiencing extreme lower back pain for the past few months. That is why I made the switch to Tempur pedic.

I have heard great reviews and my parents bought a mattress from them a few years ago. It is just right for me. My parents have had their bed for at least 5 years and it is still their favorite bed they’ve ever purchased! The only problem I experienced was when I first started sleeping on it I felt it was a little hard and I did have some soreness on my hips because I sleep on my sides, but after time that went away completely.

I bought the bed 5 months ago and have been using it ever since. We used to sleep on our blow up mattress some nights before buying this bed! That’s how bad our other mattress was. I can’t wait to go to sleep every night, but I really do enjoy just staying up in bed and doing anything. Its holding up extremely well and for the price I am completely happy. It cost about $2,500 I think I might have had a coupon.

I have a Queen size, and before this mattress I only had a full size. Those extra 6 inches make a huge difference. There is so much more room to spread out. It is so much better than the other beds I have had in the past.

I would give the mattress 6 stars if I could! But definitely 5 stars. I would purchase this mattress again and again, and recommend anyone to do the same. I would say to not judge the bed on its first few nights because it does soften up after you sleep on it a few times.

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TEMPUR-Contour Elite

by Jim C.

We have owned a Tempur pedic bed for over 5 wonderfui years. It was a replacement for a waterbed mattress. I have always had back problems with everything but the firmest mattress for the past 50 years. This Tempur pedic mattress was the answer to all my dreams of no back problems.

I would rate this mattress at a 5 stars - excellent. My wife rates it at this same level. Would I buy it again, for sure. The model is a Tempu pedic Contour Elite king size. The comfort layer makes that bed very comfortable to sleep on.

Some earlier very firm mattress that I had were very hard to sleep on and uncomfortable. This layer provides a very relaxing surface above the firm foundation.

We have recommended the Tempur pedic to many of our friends and several have bought one based on our recommendation. Only one person was not happy with the results. One out of 12 is pretty good results. I love my Tempur pedic.

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