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Sealy Backsaver Mattress - Beds That Can Save Your Back

Sealy Backsaver mattresses are definitely an aptly named mattress collection from popular mattress manufacturer Sealy.

The Backsaver series is a collection of less popular mattresses in Sealy's collection. They are less popular because the Backsaver mattresses seem to live in the shadow of the Posturepedic mattresses.

But this does not mean the Backsaver mattresses aren't worth checking out.

While the Posturepedic offers comfort and support that can relieve regular and occasional backaches and pains, the Backsaver line is especially designed to address special back pain problems, including chronic back pain and serious spinal problems.

The Sealy Backsaver mattress collection was introduced back in 2007. Backed with the Sealy name, the mattress collection was warmly received in the industry. The name "Backsaver" was also an effective one, as it instantly communicated with consumers who are looking for a mattress to solve their back problems.

Common Features of Backsaver Mattresses

The Backsaver mattresses offer a unique feel by combining innerspring coils with a range of comfort padding materials. Basically these are innerspring mattresses, but they are mixed with memory foam padding and other foam padding materials to balance comfort and support in one mattress.

Then additional firmness is added by putting in extra strong edge support. The mattresses are also in durable no-flip designs with mattress thicknesses ranging between 7 inches and 13 inches.

The mattresses also use other high quality materials such as damask fiber for the cover. Available comfort options include pillow top and tight top, and comfort levels include firm, plush, and plush firm.

As for the foundation, both standard box spring and low profile foundations are available. All in all, every aspect of a Backsaver mattress is well planned and plays a role in the overall quality and feel offered by the mattresses.

Which Sealy Backsaver Mattress Should You Consider?

Sealy Backsaver Autumn Night in Plush Pillowtop

The Sealy Backsaver Autumn Night model is quite popular, with its most popular variant the Plush Pillowtop which has a luxurious and subtle soft feel. The plush pillow top is a wonderful combination, so it's no wonder it's the preferred comfort setup most people go for when they go shopping for mattresses.

The Sealy Backsaver Autumn Night, beyond its top comfort level, is in itself excellently designed. It uses innovative features as well as high quality materials.
  • One of the best features of this bed is its use of Sealy's exclusive high quality Wondersoft foam. Four delicious inches of the Wondersoft foam is used along with six inches of convoluted foam. An additional 1 ½ inch layer of super soft foam is also added to disperse weight and pressure better.
  • A beautiful fabric cover set covers the foam layers. This is definitely quite a bed - the kind you'll love sinking into at night.
  • And to make sure that your body maintains a healthy posture and position all throughout the night, supportive features such as a 420 coil spring system called the Sealy Tech zoned Bonnell coil system have been added as well.
  • The Vertical Corner support features also make sure the mattresses are kept stable and strong. And with the Duratech foundation, you'll be sleeping on this mattress for a long time.
A regular 9 inch foundation and a low profile 5 inch foundation are both available, as well as a stretch knit cover for the mattress. The Autumn Night comes with a 3-year non prorated warranty to top off the package.

Sealy Backsaver Manning Plush

The Sealy Backsaver Manning Plush is another Sealy Backsaver mattress model that got to the top of the charts. The Manning Plush mattress' popularity, however, is not really surprising. After all, it is one of the cheapest Backsaver mattresses offered by Sealy.

Features and benefits:
  • One very unique feature of this mattress is its zoned edge support. With this, your mattress does not look and feel like it has a very rigid rod at the edges, but the support is maintained like only a rigid rod can.
  • The Manning Plush mattress also has special variable coil spacing to maximize body conformance of the mattresses.
  • Sealy throws in its innovative and proprietary OrthoZone II, a special foam type that seems to know where your body needs the highest level of comfort then provides it.
Now, you can pay less but still buy your back some really good and lasting relief.

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