Sealy ComforPedic Mattress

by B.D.

I currently sleep on a Sealy ComfortPedic Loft mattress. I purchased it from Wayne's Bedding in Gainesville, Florida. They’re a great place to buy a bed. Very charming and they don’t pressure you to into purchasing a super expensive mattress.

If I recall correctly it was about 3 months ago. It is fantastic and amazingly comfortable! I would highly recommended it and in fact I’ve been telling my neighbors about ever since I made the purchase.

Before I bought this mattress I was sleeping on a generic cheap mattress purchased from Sam's Club. It was horrible and I was experiencing back problems. I had even been to the chiropractor a few times to get my spine realigned.

Ever since I bought my new Sealy mattress my back problems have cleared up and my wife and I have slept great. Its amazing how much more rested you feel in the morning when you go to sleep on a quality mattress. I really didn't think I could afford a foam mattress because they usually seem so expensive.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized we could afford the Loft mattress. It was under $1000! Can you believe that? I couldn’t and that is why I had to scoop up this bed as soon as I saw it. It's really great how it supports your body in total.

Also, I don't wake up my wife anymore when I get out of bed because the springs are creaking and groaning like they used with our old mattress. She also doesn’t roll around as much anymore, which used to cause me to wake up in the past.

It’s almost as if we are sleeping in two separate beds. If you want to make your marriage work you should buy this mattress. Seriously it is cheaper than a divorce lawyer.

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