Sealy Four Seasons Mattress

by Joe A

I enjoy my Four Seasons mattress year round! My mattress is a Sealy Four Seasons. The tag says it is a “closeout” model. It is extremely comfortable, very soft & cushy, and provides just enough back support.

I purchased the mattress about 6 years ago, and it is still holding up relatively well, although it is starting to sink a bit where I sleep on it every night. However, that is to be expected after six years of daily use.

It only cost me about four hundred dollars at a closeout mattress store, and it has held up much better than I expected for the price. It’s the best bed I have owned, although I have slept on better beds before.

Overall, I would give it 4 stars – my only complaint is that I can’t flip it, as it is only one-sided. I have not had any back problems since purchasing this bed, and sleep soundly each and every night. I would purchase this bed again in a heartbeat, and plan to look for a similar brand/model once this one wears out, although I don’t expect that will happen anytime soon.

It is easy to clean, does not have a pillow top that will flatten out over time, and is extremely durable. I’ve brought it along with me as I’ve moved through a few different apartments, and have not thought once about replacing it. Others who have slept on my bed have commented that it is extremely comfortable as well, so I know it’s not just me.

The only bed I’ve tried that I thought was significantly better are the ones that they use at the Hampton Inn hotel chain – and those cost over two thousand dollars a piece! I think this mattress was a great buy!

Plus, at only four hundred dollars, even if you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a replacement in a couple of years and not have lost out on much money.

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