Sealy Hosta Plush - An amazing mattress for those people who sit on one side of the bed!

by Ken G.

The Sealy Hosta Plush is extremely comfortable to sleep on. It's fairly new but I had one similar to it before and it took a really long time for that one to wear out so I had to get another one.

This one feels much better since it provides a better structure in which I can lay down in any way that I want and be able to fall asleep.

Back support is is one of the main reasons that I got this mattress. My back doesn't hurt when I sleep on this mattress as with other mattresses. It's not too soft and it's not too hard. It has a perfect balance.

I love the mattress. With a great frame it will give you amazing durability and the mattress doesn't sink in as with others. I've had it for 6 months now and I use it daily.

I often sit on one side of the bed and it holds up well! I paid $264 and I feel it was very affordable. The size I chose is Full Twin, I would love to have a King and have more space to myself!

It's the best, other beds tend to sag when you sit on one side. I would give it a rating of 5 for Excellent

I did a lot of research before buying. I have back pain and needed great support. This mattress has been the best ever. It's just as comfortable as some of those expensive hotel beds and it holds up really well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone! It's also very affordable and you get more bang for your buck!

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