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Sealy Mattress Reviews - Sealy Models, Reviews and Prices

Considering Sealy mattress reviews is a great way to be prepared for a rewarding mattress purchase. Sealy mattress models such as Posturepedic Reserve, Embody, SpringFree, Posture Premier and PurEmbrace are known for their reliability and ability to offer a refreshing night's sleep.

From the popular Sealy Posturepedic mattress to newer offerings such as the Stearns & Foster luxury line, there are many different Sealy mattresses from which to choose.

Sealy is one of the most popular modern names in mattresses, but its history as a company stretches almost as far back as the invention of the cotton gin. In 1889, mattresses began appearing in the US with compressed cotton centers, and consumers were quickly taken with the Sealy spin on a better night's sleep.

The company has endured highs and lows throughout its journey to the present day, but remains a major presence in the mattress market.

A Closer Look at Sealy Mattress Models

Like many major mattress manufacturers, Sealy offers a considerable number of mattress models, and understanding which types come with which benefits can be confusing at first. Thankfully, Sealy's selection can be considered in terms of its four main product lines: the regular Sealy brand, Sealy Posturepedic mattress types, the Embody by Sealy line, and Stearns & Foster.

These central product categories ascend in both price and technology, with the classic brand offering the most budget-friendly options and the Stearns & Foster line bringing a new class of luxury to the bedroom.

Sealy beds are sometimes referred to by reviewers, customers, or even salespeople by their specific benefits, and Sealy has developed a number of specific perks that have become household names as much as the brand name itself.

Sealy Backsaver and Posture Premier feature heavily into the brand's attraction, as these features focus on strengthening the most heavily-used parts of a mattress and on providing the right support for proper, posture-perfecting sleep positions.

The SpringFree and PurEmbrace names are associated with Sealy latex mattresses and memory foam models. The beloved Sealy pillowtop mattress is part of the classic line, but remains a top seller and is likely to strike the right chord for comfort if you prefer a traditional mattress with a plush surface feel.

Deciding on a Sealy mattress model is primarily a matter of selecting the basic type of mattress on which you'd like to sleep. If the firm support of an innerspring has always been your thing, the basic Sealy brand is likely to offer the most agreeable products, especially when cost is a concern.

For higher budgets and more demanding backs, Sealy Posturepedic is a sound choice. You can enjoy many modern benefits and a more luxurious experience with the Embody line, while Stearns & Foster makes sense when you want to splurge on the best possible materials and handcrafted workmanship.

Sealy Posturepedic Reviews

Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are some of the brand's most well-known models, and are often recommended for people who have difficulty sleeping comfortably on regular innerspring mattresses or who have certain injuries that affect their quality of sleep.

The Posturepedic name encompasses several different types of models, each of which incorporate distinct fabric types and features to suit any special preferences you may have.

The Sealy Posturepedic Reserve Series, along with the Posturepedic Signature Series, represent the most basic models in this line, yet still incorporate the advanced coil system and sturdy design that makes Posturepedic attractive to so many shoppers.

The Posturepedic Barryton series differs in that it makes us of both memory foam and latex foam technologies to offer firm support that's easier to sleep in when painful joints or uncomfortable stiffness are problematic.

Posturepedic Plush mattresses are probably a better option if you're after a sleeping surface that's exceptionally soft and yielding, yet you're not ready to opt for a fully foam-based model. The Posturepedic reputation has been built on scores of positive reviews and satisfied sleepers, but that doesn't mean this is the right mattress line for everyone.

If you're expecting the ultimate in sleeping comfort, purchasing a luxury model is probably a better bet, but if your goal is to stay traditional while adding a bit of extra care for injuries or sore spots, the line is likely worth a look. Posturepedic mattresses vary to a large extent depending on the size and type of model you purchase, but the range is considered fairly affordable compared to the brand's other offerings.

Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Options

As the popularity of memory foam increases, a greater number of brands are vying for market share, which can create healthy competition and better, more affordable products for consumers.

Sealy's attempt at the memory foam mattress has met with mostly agreeable reviews, though the same issues that occur with other brands are likely to come up if you're not happy with the feeling of sleeping "in" a mattress instead of on top of it.

The Sealy True Form mattress uses standard memory foam to create a plush and comfortable bed that also carries various hypoallergenic and anti-microbial benefits. Sealy memory foam mattress reviews acknowledge the brand's delivery of comfort and quality fabrics and construction, but some feel the beds are simply too soft, which can be problematic if you suffer from a spinal injury or similar issues.

Sealy memory foam mattresses offer the appeal of soft foam with the reputation of one of the US' oldest mattress manufacturers, a combination that drives plenty of sales.

Testing Newer Technology with Sealy Embody Reviews

The Sealy Embody line is geared towards embracing foam mattress types, with both memory foam and latex models available. Sometimes referred to as "Embody by Sealy," this selection of models caters to slightly higher budgets and stronger demands for quality.

If you're looking for a foam-based mattress that stays cool at night, resists dust mites and other common bed pests, and offers a few options for adjustment to provide just the right sleeping environment, reviews suggest you may want to try a Sealy Embody mattress.

Reviewers used to the firm support of innerspring models aren't always fans of the Embody line, but if you want to experience the potential comfort of some of the best and most innovative materials in the field, Sealy is probably a good place to start.

Know What to Expect with Sealy Mattress Prices

The price of a good mattress is based on many different factors, but if you're shopping for a Sealy, you can usually be sure that you're paying more for the materials and craftsmanship than for the prestige of the brand name. Sealy mattress sizes factor heavily into prices, as do Sealy mattress warranty types.

You should expect to spend anywhere from $400 for the most basic Sealy mattress set to as much as $4000 for the Stearns & Foster "Limited Edition Golden Elegance" model, which goes so far as to include Mongolian horse hair and cashmere. In most cases, you'll likely spend $1000 to $2000 on a good Sealy set.

Bedroom Rivals: Sealy vs. Serta

These two brands have long been contenders in the affordable quality mattress market, and each brand has its loyal followers and dissenters. Sealy is often preferred for its superior range of models and model types, and some reviewers suggest that Sealy products are more durable over time.

Serta fans are fond of what they describe as a greater sense of firmness in the brand's mattresses, though this may be due to Sealy's wider incorporation of foam toppers and other modern perks. The true test of which brand is best for you, of course, is to perform a side by side comparison in person.

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