Sealy Piedmont Georgetown Pillow Top Mattress

by Lori C.
(Chicago IL)

We own a queen sized Sealy pillow top mattress, the tag says Piedmont GRGTWN, which I believe stands for Georgetown, Model number 518112 and it was manufactured in March of 2002.

Our mattress was purchased new from the JC Penney outlet store in Bloomingdale for about $900 in summer of 2002 (this was half off the original price in store). It has been used every day since and we are very happy with it.

It is comfortable and still well cushioned. I am generally a side sleeper and find this mattress to have the perfect combination of cushion and firmness as I have never woken up with back soreness like I have on other mattresses.

We flip it about twice a year using the side handles, it takes two people (or one very strong person) as it is very heavy and thick. It has not developed any dips or slopes and the support has remained firm, even when sitting on the edge. The material is a cream colored heavy satin, bound with cord at the pillow top edges, which is still smooth and without any discoloration.

Like most pillow tops, it is pretty thick and needs the 14" deep pockets on bottom sheets or they will not stay put. I also buy king sized comforters and bedspreads so that they come down far enough to reach the bed ruffle on each side.

The tall height of the mattress plus our bed frame made it hard for me to climb onto the bed using our former box spring so we also bought a 4" bottom box spring mattress later that year. When my parents come to visit, they prefer to use our bed because it's so much more comfortable and easier for them to get in and out of it.

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