Sealy Pillow Tops Not Top Of The Line But Still Great Quality

by A. Sawyer
(Gastonia, NC)

We have a Queen size Sealy Posturepedic Pillow Top Mattress, double-sided. The quality of the mattress is impeccable; nothing wrong with Sealy, the mattress is still in wonderful condition, no busted seams or sagging nor broken springs. I bought it in 1996 for around $1,000, and we still use it, if that can speak to the quality any further.

It used to be comfortable to sleep on but now feels stiff and my back aches almost every morning, and I'm not old. I've done the flipping every six months or so, rotating and everything, it's just a little "tired" now I suppose. I didn't do a lot of research before purchasing the mattress...as mentioned previously, we've had it for quite some time and all the information then wasn't out there like it is now.

I pretty much just went to the Sealy store and laid on the mattresses and decided the ultra plush pillow top one was the right one for me. I would prefer a mattress with the gel in the top now. Wouldn't really matter to me what the brand was. I have slept on some with the gel and it feels very good to my back and I wake up refreshed, where as now, I toss and turn, waking up tired and stiff.

It isn't a "bad" sleep but it doesn't give me the comfortability I need to sleep well and feel rested. I feel, in their "day," the posturepedic was a fantastic mattress to have but there are so many better beds to choose from these days that I would not buy another one.

We have purchased some mattresses from a local furniture store that gets their mattresses from a company that makes them in the mountains of N.C. We bought twin size ones for our children's beds and they are more comfortable and are excellent quality as well and the mattress itself was only about $189 (without the box springs).

Overall, I would give our Queen Sealy Posturepedic Pillow Top mattress a 3 out of 5 stars and at this time in my life, I wouldn't purchase another pillow top, but probably one to help out the local businesses and because I really like their mattresses. I don't like that you have to flip the mattress every so often but I would think this is common with most mattresses.

We also need to upgrade the size of the mattress because my husband is 6'4" but I will say that doesn't have a lot to do with how comfortable the mattress is for me because I'm only 5' tall. If you're more worried about quality than comfort, Sealy is a great brand and from what I remember, the staff was very nice and helpful. If you are worried about comfort, the pillow top just doesn't do it for me anymore, I would chose something like the gel top (memory foam is too non-bouncy for me).

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