Sealy Posturepedic Cason Bay Mattress

by Terry M.

I purchased the Sealy Posturepedic Cason Bay Premier mattress and box spring set at the old bastion of U.S. stores, Sears.

The set was priced at over $1200, and on sale for 50% off. It was still not worth the price.

I began using this set in June, 2010 and have slept on this set pretty much every night since.

There have been only two occasions, less than one week each, that I have not slept on this set.

I had explained specifically to the salesman prior to purchase, that I desired a set that would hold up, as my previous other major brand set had sunk over 1" within 3 months, which is considered acceptable by the warranty, not so much with my bad back!

At 129# and 5'5", there was no excuse related to my body frame for that sinkage. He explained that Posturepedic was the best for both backache patients and durability, and that there was a warranty.

I purchased the 'firm' model. No, I would not purchase this brand or model again! It also sank within a few months, although the first few months I did have glorious, uninterrupted nights of sleep.

Once the sinkage occurred, this time I saved myself the hassle of waiting for someone to come with a yardstick, and measured it myself, and it was about an inch,just like the other set.

When I called Sears store sales people, I was informed that the industry standard was sinkage of at least 1.5" in order to be warranty-covered. So, I didn't even bother to put in a claim, and then have to spend 1/2 day at home waiting for the technician measure the sinkage.

I rotated the mattress, but can only use the side that had not been used previously. At least the sinkage is at the bottom now, instead of under my lumbar spine! Well, for another month or so...
I will, of course, need to replace this set, as soon as I can come up with another $1k or so. Ridiculous that I have to do this for the 3rd time in less than 2 years! I will not be purchasing from this company.

Mostly, I am aggravated and frustrated, not to mention in the muscle spasms. I have owned Posturepedic sets, a couple of decades ago, and they were quality and never had this issue, despite my being of greater weight at that time.

In questioning relatives, my niece stated that she had purchased a $5000 set, top of the line, and within a year was having similar issues.

My recommendation to myself, and others, is that we now purchase the lesser expensive beds, since the industry quality and workmanship seems to have gone the way of the buffalo.... apparently, mattress sets are now a 'disposable' item, rather than a durable one.

I give this 1 star, because at least I could rotate this one, where the last set I just slept on the floor for several weeks.

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Jan 29, 2013
Sealy Posturepedic Cason Bay Inferior Product
by: Joey

I purchased two box springs and mattresses, one for my son and one for me in 2010. Both have collapsed and we had to completely change the mattress for my son. I am having problems as well and will be doing the ruler test to see if at 1.5 inches as required by the warranty. I do notice while laying down a plank about 24 inches from both sides and can feel it under my spine. I have no idea how the interior construction is but this plank is definately there. The so called memory foam has given way and believe it is just regular foam. I believe this bed has major flaws and causing back problems. You can lay on the high side at night, but more than likely you will fall in the hole in the center as it is certainly unlevel while you are sleeping. If not level, this seems to be causing the worse problems. Do not purchase this bed unless you want a lot of back pain. This morning my son stated he has noticed his back pain has went away after sleeping on another mattress.

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