Sealy Posturepedic Sanford Euro Top Ultra Plush Review

by Melanie
(Johnson City, TN)

This was the first mattress we purchased after my neck surgery, so it was the first time that comfort was a tricky issue for me. For the first 2 years, the mattress was perfect. I slept soundly at night with a minimum of tossing and turning, and I awoke with minimal soreness and stiffness.

That's about what I expect from my mattress. Really the only effort on my part was occasionally rotating the mattress. I do think that due to the pillow top, since that precludes flipping when you rotate, this shortened the comfortable lifespan of the mattress.

It is 5 years old now and despite rotating every time we change sheets there are 2 dips in the mattress where my husband and I lie, and a "hill" between us. The mattress on whole is becoming less comfortable and I toss and turn a lot now and sometimes have to give up on the bed altogether and go sleep on the sofa.

Some of this may be due to progression of my spinal arthritis, sure...but since I can visually confirm the deterioration of the mattress due to the lumps, I am sure it is partially due to the mattress itself.

I was expecting it to last a bit longer, others have gone 10 years for us, but I will have to replace it soon, as I miss sleeping comfortably with my husband at night.

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