Sealy Posturepedic Supreme Bartola Plush Mattress

by Caroline M

I never thought I would love a mattress as much as I love my Sealy’s, and its a Posturepedic Supreme Bartola Plush mattress. I bought my mattress at sleepy's from a man named Dave about two weeks ago.

I've used it for about two weeks and so far so good. I have a lot of sleeping issues and I’ve been through tons of mattresses. This one I’ve found so far really comfortable and I rarely move around at night now. I spent about $1,045 on it with Jersey taxes and everything, but I was lucky enough to get it on sale.

It was actually less then I was willing to pay for my new mattress which was surprising. I definitely think it's worth it though. It has a ten year warranty and I’m fairly certain I will definitely love this mattress.

Since it really is the only one I’ve gotten a full nights sleep on without actually waking up every hour I would most definitely buy it again. I find it to be completely comfortable. Normally I go for more firm mattresses but since I laid on this one in the store, I was wrong the whole time. Wish I knew that before I spent so much on the others. Ha!

If you like nice comfortable, and soft beds I definitely think this is a good pick. I haven’t had any problems with it yet which is really weird since I normally do have many issues with other mattresses. It has full body support, which is perfect for me. I feel like it kind of cradles my entire body, and when I wake up I don’t feel stiff, or any pain. It will definitely be my mattress until its time for me to buy another one.

My boyfriend and I love it. We normally have trouble sleeping together because he likes super plush, and I (used) to only like firm. Since we got the new Sealy mattress we have found a common ground. It gives me my support I need, and gives him the pillow feel he seems to need. If I had to rate this mattress I would definitely say a 6 1/2. It deserves more then a 5 star rating.

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