Serta iComfort Revolution

by Susan M.

My mattress is a Serta iComfort revolution. We have had it for approx. 2 1/2 years. It's a king size. It is by far the best mattress I have ever owned. Purchase price was approx. $2500. I researched mattresses for several weeks before purchasing this one.

I was initially set on purchasing a tempur-pedic mattress. My local store carried both brands and gave me the option to trade in whichever mattress I purchased for a more expensive one if I didn't like my original purchase. I chose the I comfort since it was less expensive to try first. It is wonderful.

At first, I thought it was going to be too firm. After several nights I adjusted to it. It forms to the body without sinking deep into the mattress. I have had no back or hip pain since sleeping on this mattress. I had suffered with back pain for many years, and was starting to have hip pain. I am a side sleeper and it doesn't hurt my hips to sleep on my side. It's quiet and still when getting in and out of. Therefore, my husband is not disturbed if I get up early or come to bed late.

So far, it is holding up well. It still looks new. There are no dips in the top or sides. This model has the cooling beads. Foam mattresses are notorious for being hot. It can be a little too warm at times. As the night goes on you get warmser, so I use lighter covers and sleepwear. We have adjusted to this.

My only complaint is this bed takes the pleasure out of vacationing. I go right to sleep when I lay in this bed with very little or no tossing and turning. When away in a strange bed, I miss my bed at home. It is luxurious.

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