Serta iSeries Profiles Prominence Super Pillow Top Mattress Review

by Erin J.
(Hilton Head, SC)

We recently purchased (last October) a Serta iSeries Prominence super pillow top mattress, king size. My husband and I had been wanting a new mattress for quite some time and this was an early Christmas present to ourselves! Once we started our search, we weren't exactly sure what we were looking for. We found during our search that Serta has something for EVERYONE!! Lots to choose from, and after about 2 hours of looking at different mattresses, we made our choice!!

This mattress replaced our Sealy posturepedic mattress which after about 5 years, we both agreed it was way too soft and not very comfortable. Neither of us cared for a mattress you felt like you were "sinking in to" as over the years it was not very comfortable and had a "bumpy" feel to it. The Serta iSeries mattress is not too firm, but not too soft - it's right in between which is perfect for us and feels great on your back!!

The salesman talked to us in length about our sleep needs and agreed the previous mattress we had was way too soft. We tried multiple mattresses while we were there and kept coming back to the iSeries. There were a few mattresses in the iSeries family to choose from, and all were super comfortable!!! Once we settled on the Prominence pillow top, the salesman explained all the extra features it offers.

One of the things I liked most about this mattress was the cooling feature. My husband and I both get hot during the night and the gel technology in this mattress makes a world of difference! I also like the pillow top feature which makes it much easier for putting on those cozy sheets - definitely get deep pocket sheets and they will fit perfectly!

I would not recommend a mattress pad, you don't need it with this mattress! Serta also offers a great warranty (I believe it is 10 years) which is only more of a guarantee that you are getting the best of the best! We paid about $2,900 for this mattress and would certainly recommend it to our friends and family.

In the next year, we plan on upgrading our 2 queen size guest room mattresses and have plans to purchase 2 more Serta mattresses of the same kind! I give it a 5 out of 5 stars on all features!! I guarantee you will never buy a different mattress ever again!

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Serta iSeries Expression Firm Mattress Review

by Matt B.
(Norman, OK.)

This mattress is very comfortable. I enjoy that it is not too soft so that it does not hurt my back. It allows me to fall asleep quickly.

It also provides excellent back support. It is not too soft, and not too firm. It seems to be the perfect medium between comfort and support. My old mattress was too soft and caused me to have back pain. While this mattress adequately supports my back causing me to wake up feeling great.

It is just right for my liking (firmness). Not too hard/not too soft. Just right. No problems that I have experienced thus far.

I bought it about two months ago. I have used it for around two months and it seems to be quite durable, and its holding up just fine. My dog jumps on it constantly and puts it to the test. So far, no rips, tears or even any snags. Very impressed with it.

The queen size cost me about $1600 and I have been happy with the price, and believe I got more than I had paid for. Very happy with my purchase.

It is the best mattress that I have owned thus far in my life. Other mattresses that I have bought in the past, I did not buy for quality. I just bought the cheapest ones I could find and unfortunately, my back and my sleep patterns were negatively effected.

I would give this mattress 5 stars for comfort. I would give this mattress 5 stars for quality. I would give this mattress 4 stars for price.

I would buy this mattress again. I normally do not like to spend much on mattresses, but after owning this one, I would look for quality over the cheaper price. I have learned that you get what you pay for, and this seems to have been a great investment. Since I use this every night, I have gotten great use out of it.

This is the brand/type I would stick with in the future. Serta seems to be one of the leaders in quality mattress products and I will remain faithful after this excellent product. I would recommend this mattress to someone who is looking for a comfortable/affordable mattress.

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